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    The term IoT is defined as an interconnection of uniquely identifiable devices within the existing internet infrastructure. In simpler world we can say that it’s an environment where internet connected devices and sensors can communicate with each other to perform a valuable task. It provides a biggest opportunity in the world. But it’s not just about the customer devices. Some of the biggest break through is taking place behind the scene in factory farm and industrial sites to increase their energy efficiency.
    It is assumed that by 2020 IoT ecosystem will expand to 210 billion connected things and expected to be $10 trillion market. So it is no doubt that internet of things and IoT app development is having a bright future. This scenario also clears that in future IoT devices will integrate into our daily lives. But customers are increasingly drawn to benefits of IoT devices, most are unaware of the security risk.

    Benefit of IoT
    We have been using GPS to track the moment of delivery trucks for years. IoT app development or IoT devices eases whole process by introducing a small sensors which enable us to track the every moment of truck such as distance, delivery time and other important factors.

    Inventory management
    Without the IoT inventory management is also a major challenging task for marketers. IoT is used to tag radio frequency sensors to track the locations of product in real time. It has been instrumental in tracking the level of inventory and to stock it in advance, making alerts for unforeseen stoppages, automatically placing orders, etc.

    Many business use IoT to send mobile promotions to their frequent shoppers. It can be done through track of shopper’s history and their shopping interest. It utilizes the location based tracking of physical shoppers as well as those who shops through the internet.
    Examples of IoT devices
    Nest, which recently acquired by Google, It studies the heating and cooling temperature of your room and maintain as according to your nature. This device can relies on an internet connection for gathering and analyze data and maintained by the Smartphone applications.
    Door locking system
    Smart door locks promise to eliminate the need of key, by connected your door locking system into mobile apps you can be notified when specific people go or out from your home. Apart from that through the digital key you can also give grant access to your friend or family members to enter the home especially when you are not available in the home.
    It is the example of IoT, A smart refrigerator is designed to manage your purchase in more easy way. Suppose if you have a enough vegetables in your fridge then through your app inform you that not to buy too much vegetables because it is already available.
    Medical devices
    IoT is expected to give the real power in future, in medical sector IoT devices enable to make good relationship between patients and doctors. It enables doctor to provide treatment and monitors their patient in real time.

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