Millions of people start small businesses all the time, but online ones are unique. And by using the right e-commerce marketing strategies, you can boost your sales tremendously. 

But where do I start?

Keep reading to discover 10 awesome online marketing strategies to increase your online leads!

1. Blogging 

Blogging is one of the best ways to boost online sales. In fact, businesses that blog receive a 67 percent increase in leads! Blogging also helps make your business’s website more findable in the Google search engine.

For example, if your service was web designing, you could write a post with website design tips. This can attract customers to your website who would likely be interested in your services.

2. Social Media

Social media is another great online strategy because, like blogging, you have great potential to connect with your target audience and increase your online sales.

You can also use social media to further share your blog posts! However, make sure you are using the same platform your target audience prefers.

3. Consistent Posting

Having a consistent posting schedule is a great way to grow your platform and attract even more customers.

This is because posting on a regular basis helps show that your business is reliable. And having regular, helpful content can also build trust among your target audience. 

Also, a steady stream of content will increase your overall amount of posts. This gives your website visitors more material to explore and places more articles on the search engine for potential customers to find.

4. Posting At The Right Time

The time you post your content is also important. Some days of the week may get more shares than others. The time of day can also be a factor.

Research your target audience’s usual schedule and habits and schedule your content accordingly to maximize its potential for more views and shares. 

5. An Awesome Website

A user-friendly site is key for your e-commerce marketing to succeed. Your goal in using online marketing strategies is to bring customers to your site. 

This way, they will find the insight they need as well as your helpful goods and services.

You can have the best ads out there, but even more importantly you need to have a quality site to have a lower bounce rate and gain more leads. 

Test your site on a regularly to make sure it’s working properly and loading fast. Also, do upgrades and maintenance as needed.

By displaying a quality website, you’re showing customers that your products will also be of great quality as well.

6. Balanced Advertising

Advertisements are good, but only if used in the correct balance. Too many ads and your site will look spammy, causing potential customers to get annoyed. 

Too little, and they won’t realize you offer services! However, having a well-balanced site makes a recipe for more leads. 

A good ratio to consider is 80:20. The 80 represents great content, such as blog posts, and the 20 represents advertisements and other similar content.

By having a positive balance, your customers will be aware of your services, but can also spend time on and enjoy your website.

7. Amazing Customer Service

When you get visitors on your site, you need to make sure they have the best customer experience possible.

Great customer service is key to creating a positive customer experience; happy customers are more likely to revisit your site in the future as well as leave more positive reviews.

Additionally, almost all customers read reviews prior to purchasing and also trust them. And if they read about your business’s awesome customer service, then you’re nearly guaranteed to have a better chance of gaining more leads.

Consider setting up a chat box on your site so any questions people have can be immediately answered, and always go above and beyond to help them find what they are searching for. 

8. More Reviews

Gaining awesome reviews is a super effective online strategy to boost your business’s credibility, and in turn, leads. 

Make reviews easily findable on your site, but also be sure to set up a Google My Business page.

Not only does it give customers another place to leave reviews, but it also helps make your business more findable as well.

9. SEO Techniques

Your website is filled with awesome content and has great customer service. However, your target market may simply not have realized it because they haven’t discovered your site yet.

Make your website more easily findable by using SEO strategies to help your site rank better in the Google search engine.

And when picking keywords, also try to choose ones with low competition. This way, your content will be more easily findable to your target market.

10. An Online Shopping Platform

If you sell goods on your site, then joining a well-established e-commerce shopping platform may be the perfect addition to your online strategy.

Best of all, when customers go to a shopping platform’s site, they are already planning to find a product to purchase. 

Now, all you need to do is stand out! Create good product descriptions and make sure to answer any questions your customers might have.

You can go for one platform or multiple platforms! Here are more details.

Final Thoughts on E-commerce Marketing

Increasing your online sales is definitely doable. And by applying these e-commerce marketing strategies, you’re setting your business up for success!

Searching for other business tips to complement your online strategy? Then explore the rest of this blog for more advice!

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