12-14% manganese Hadfield steel are the steel plates with a relatively high content of manganese. The production of these steel plates involves high graded manganese steel alloy which is characteristic of excellent abrasion resistant steel and work hardening properties.

Are you looking for high-quality steel plates? well, if yes then you should seriously consider checking out (doing due diligence) A128 manganese steel plates. It is strongly advised that you check these steel plates primarily because they have been proven to serve as one of the best options presently available that are most ideal for varied uses at the moment.  

As a matter of fact, some of the key application areas of this type of Hadfield steel include:

  • Production of Transport parts
  • Setting up Grizzly bar
  • Truck bed bodies
  • Industrial track work
  • Tumbling machines
  • Shot blasting equipment 

One of the features which make this type of steel plates completely stand out is the fact that they have proven to be an excellent choice that makes not only hardening but also abrasion work flawless. Apart from the above, these same plates are non – magnetic (austenitic A128 steel plates in nature) that are used in various industries as plasma cutting. Simply put, these kinds of steel plates are most ideal for application in industries where relatively high impact abrasion is never-ending. This is mainly attributed to the fact that the plates in question tend to harden more when their surfaces are constantly impacted. 

Key Features

First off, when it comes to the key features that make these plates stand out, it is important to note that the manufacture of these plates largely involves manganese (a component that serves to harden the final steel plates). The manganese used in the production of these Hadfield steel plates also assists in strengthening, increasing durability and most importantly making the plates resistant to corrosion. In fact, they are even involved in the determination of X120Mn12 & 1.3401.

Simply put, the key characteristic feature when talking about these A128 steel plates is the fact that they are absolutely resistant to wear. This is what is responsible for making the overall surface of the plates strong enough hence able to bear any type of external pressure and temperature. You will also be happy to learn that all of these plates are manufactured in strict accordance with not only the national but also international standards. 

In addition to all of the above, it is equally worth noting that these plates are extremely durable and are characteristic of quench annealing, work-hardening, pitting resistance, cracking, non-magnetic and corrosion properties. 

Overview of the production specifications of these steel plates 

As far as the manufacturing process is concerned, these steel plates are subjected to a rigorous process that involves the use of (well tested and high quality) raw materials and extensive application of the latest and most sophisticated technology. Another good thing about these plates is the fact that you can get it varied sizes, shapes and even dimensions (supply is largely determined by your requirements and demand as the client/customer). 

It is also worth noting that during manufacturing, there is usually a lot of cutting, grinding, drilling, forming and texting that is carried out.

General Certification and Packaging parameters

From the above, it is clearly evident that upon production, high manganese steel plates are not only hard but also able to properly sustain their properties for a fairly long period of time. This is mainly attributed to the fact that other than the inclusion of high-quality raw material and constant testing throughout the production line, packaging also plays a significant role in the final quality of the Hadfield steel plates.

As far as packaging is concerned, the plates are usually placed in wooden cases, this helps prevent any rusting or other forms of damage. Lastly, it is also at this last stage of production (packaging) that the product name, its manufacturer name, its size, length as well as thickness is included.

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