3 Apps You Need for Taking a Refreshing Break from Work

How many times have you felt the need to take breaks in between work? It would not come across a big surprise if your answer is every single day! Each one of us has been through situations where we feel exhausted at work place and desperately want to take breaks and quite honestly, looking at the present day scenario, it comes across as absolutely natural to feel the need to take break when having a typical monotonous day at work and sometimes at home as well. In either of the situation, what are the options that you have for passing the time during this break? Well, you might consider taking a power nap or completing that half- read novel of yours.
Thanks to technology, there are now more ways of making the most of your free time. Yes, there are a number of utility apps available in the market today which you can use for taking that much- needed break from work. In this post, we are going to discuss 3 such apps which you can use for taking a refreshing break from work.

3 Apps to use in your break time to feel refreshed


Over the last few years, a lot of revolutionary features have found place in the smartphone industry and this has paved the way for a plethora of user- friendly applications to get added into the smartphone arena. ShowBox is one such entertainment application which is available for both android and iOS platform. By downloading ShowBox app, users can gain access to the largest collection of movies and TV shows, and the best part about this entertainment app is that it is available for absolutely free of cost and offers unlimited streaming of your favourite TV shows as well as movies. The ease with which this application makes it possible for users to watch movies and shows online and that too in high-resolution display has made it one of the best apps to use in your free time.
ShowBox will not only freshen you up after a long tiring day at work; rather it will also provide you with the chance to stay updated with all the TV shows that you wish to follow. So, the next time you feel bored or if you wish to take a break from your hectic day at work, use the ShowBox app to freshen up.


If you are bitten by the music bug, there are chances that you are already aware of this amazingly cool music app for Android and iOS. Spotify is one of the world’s most popular music app. It has largely changed the way the world listens to music while at home and when they are on the go as well. With a user- base ranging in millions, Spotify enables all users to create a music library in their devices and here comes the most amazing feature of this entertainment app; you can store up to 3,000 songs in this music library, that too without shelling out even a single penny from your pockets. This app now also comes with a search tab using which you can search for songs with the name of the artists as well. If music is what keeps you going on any given monotonous day at work, Spotify is the next entertainment application you should get!


If internet radio is your thing, Pandora is undoubtedly the best app you need for taking a refreshing break from whatever you are doing! Pandora is a huge hit among people who like to dig into the virtual world of music. For those of you who are not yet aware of this app, it is basically a music streaming application available for both Android and iOS platforms which not only recommends users about the best tracks to listen to; rather it also allows live streaming of music based on searches made by names of artists. If you are someone who doesn’t prefer to stick by any particular music library or set of songs, then Pandora is the right entertainment application for you.
We hope these entertainment apps will come to your rescue the next time when you want to take a refreshing break from work.

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