Most websites fail because they don’t have good security measures in place.

It may be time for your business to adopt a good security officer that will help with the security best practices. But how exactly do you achieve this? Keep reading to find out 3 major signs that you need a new security plan.

1. Low Visitor Count On Your Website

There are a variety of ways that you can check analytics for your website. It will show you the overall volumes of visitors and clicks on your site and usually the origins of these clicks. However, if you aren’t seeing many people coming to your website in general then it’s definitely time to get a marketing strategy to help you focus on pushing traffic to your site.

Traffic can be directed to your business’ via blog posts, social media posts, YouTube videos, etc. But if you haven’t thought about how using these various channels can benefit your sales in the long run then you are probably leaving money on the table. Take time to figure out why your site visits are low and then attack the issue with action.

2. You Don’t “Get” Social Media

Lots of people will say they don’t understand social media outside of sharing cool vacation pics, funny memes and cat videos. But social media has transformed into a lean, mean business making machine in the past couple of years. And you’re falling behind bigtime if you don’t have a plan for content already in you’re arsenal.

Each social media platform has a different “persona” so you won’t have to use them all at one time. Finding out which one(s) work best for your business through trial and error will take you far. Consider using a social media marketing strategy template to get you started if you aren’t sure where to begin.

3. An Email List Is Non-Existent

There’s no doubt about it that money can always be found in one’s email list. The problem is if you haven’t actually considered an email marketing strategy, then you probably aren’t using this method to your advantage. If you haven’t been collecting emails and building a list then it’s time to do so.

Email marketing is one of the best forms of advertising you can invest in. Take time to build and nurture your list and watch no sales become a thing of the past.

Looking For More Marketing Strategy Tips?

Having a marketing strategy is a necessary step to growing a sustainable business. You don’t have to invest large amounts of money in the beginning but you should take action each day. The advantages of doing this will have a residual effect on your business over time.

Strategizing can be a big task so check out this article if you’re looking for extra tips for creative ways to market your business.

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