With the huge amount of attention that social networking websites and social media is garnering these days, it is needless to say that Facebook is definitely at the top of everyone’s list. These days, people are seen taking their businesses and personal interests to Facebook in the form of pages, groups, advertisements, and what not! Thanks to the numerous applications available on Facebook, it is very convenient to use Facebook without wasting much time and efforts. The best thing about Facebook applications is that they are easy to use and they help you customize your pages with very little efforts involved.

Let us now take a look at the best 3 online Facebook applications that can save your time to a considerable extent.

3 Online Facebook Applications That Can Save You Time

  • Filevid

Filevid.com is a one of a kind application that helps you to directly download videos from Facebook. You can use this online Facebook application and download videos for free of cost. All you need to do is go to the official website of Filevid.com and paste the URL of the Facebook video in the Search field. Once you click the submit button, that video will get downloaded on your system within a few minutes. Filevid is a high purpose Facebook video downloader which can be used directly from the website; hence there is no need to download its setup.


If you are someone who manages a Facebook page, HootSuite’s Scheduler is probably one of the best online Facebook applications for you. Using this app, you can literally take control over the outreach of your content by scheduling posts at the best time of a day. Hootsuite allows you to plan campaigns in advance and hence saves you a lot of time. Using Hootsuite’s Scheduler, you can post content across different social networks, all at once!


  • Storefront Social

This online Facebook application is a lifesaver if you do not own an online store, but still, want to venture into the world of e-commerce. With Storefront Social, you can start your very own Facebook Store and sell your desired products/ services across the globe. You can add as many products/ services onto your Facebook Store and customize your services as desired! You can then link this Facebook Shop of yours with your business website (if any) and also setup a checkout system to be used by your customers. All this is available to you for absolutely free of cost with very little efforts required.

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