Running a small business can be a precarious endeavor, especially on the onset. Even so, there are plenty of ways to improve how your company operates. One way to strengthen your business’ operations is to use cloud-based technologies. That’s because the speed, versatility, and capacity of the cloud allows for you to greatly improve your company’s operations while maximizing your budget. Here are three popular ways to build a better foundation for your business using the cloud.

Reduce your costs with cloud hosted servers

One way to use the cloud in your small business and improve your company’s efficiency is to switch to cloud-based servers. The benefits of cloud-based servers like ones offered by IBM, Intel, and Amazon are numerous. For starters, security on these platforms is second to none. This can help your small business reduce its IT department’s workload, since everyone can have peace of mind that the enterprise level security offered by a cloud hosted server will protect your company’s data. Another major benefit of cloud hosted servers is the ability to scale your needs up or down without having to buy additional hardware. In the cloud, harddrive space is a thing of the past, as there’s always more storage available. Thus, as your business grows, your server can grow with you.

Improve your customer engagement with cloud-based call center software

Another popular way companies are utilizing cloud-based technology is in their call centers. There are many ways that cloud-based call center software improves call centers filters through all levels of operation, from management to individual workers. For example, with a cloud-based approach, managers can review and monitor workers seamlessly, offering greater feedback and ensuring best practices are always followed. At the same time, cloud-based call center software can help employees be more productive. Features that integrate with existing customers’ CRM records allow your company’s agents to know more about the individuals they’re speaking with, in turn offering a more personalized approach. This creates happier customers, which helps your company thrive.

Collaborate seamlessly using the cloud

Businesses are also turning to the cloud more and more to collaborate and manage projects. There are dozens, if not hundreds, of popular ways to do this. As Michael Jordan famously said, “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.” Getting your team on the same page with cloud-based software solutions is a great way to move beyond talent and approach a way of working that is smarter and more focused on the team. While some businesses opt to use services like Dropbox and Google Drive for collaborative file management, others look to cloud-based solutions for project management. Options like Basecamp and Trello offer project management solutions that allow teams to come together from various departments and geographical locations to monitor progress and complete work together. With simple-to-use user interfaces and powerful file sharing features, reminders, and to-do lists, project management software can completely revolutionize the way that your business operates. The result is a more engaged, connected team that accomplishes more with less confusion.
As you can see, the cloud is more than just a buzzword that gets thrown around in the tech sphere. In actuality, the cloud can play an instrumental role in helping businesses achieve their goals and improve their operations. Cloud-based services lower costs and free up time and energy to focus on the things that matter most to your business. Whether you’re using the cloud to help manage projects and collaborate or are integrating your call center software with the cloud, it’s never a bad idea to evaluate how new technologies can improve your business.

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