Did you know that the U.S. pest control industry generates close to $9 billion in revenue on an annual basis?

This means that most U.S. homeowners will need pest control services at some point. Still, many don’t consider this possibility until they see pests running around. At that point, the only thing to do is to get rid of them ASAP.

Though this is the right course of action, you shouldn’t hire the first company you come across. Instead, do some research. Here are the 5 most important questions you should ask a pest control expert.

1. Are You Licensed and Insured?

Any pest control company needs a license to operate. This ensures that their technicians understand safety practices and cleaning protocols. Without covering these bases, a technician could do more harm than good.

On a related note, your preferred company should have several key types of insurance. These include general liability insurance, commercial auto insurance and professional liability insurance.

2. How Long Have You Been in Business?

Hiring experienced pest technicians comes with many benefits. For starters, you’ll know they’re aware of the relevant pests and the environment they’ll work in. Also, they can make sure that the pests won’t return sooner than planned.

If the company’s staff is reluctant to answer this question, consider it to be a red flag. The best pest control companies will always stand behind their work.

3. Do You Provide Written Quotes?

Having a verbal estimate is nice, but you shouldn’t rely on it. Many companies try to entice you with a low estimate, only to tack on hidden fees later on. Quotes given via the phone or online are often wildly inaccurate as well.

Instead, a professional pest control business will send someone to your home. After conducting an inspection, they’ll provide a written quote with a fixed price.

4. Are Your Products Safe?

Modern pest control treatments are always designed with safety in mind. Unless it’s necessary, you don’t want to expose your home to harmful chemicals. This is particularly relevant if you have exotic pets, such as birds and snakes.

Your exterminator of choice should be able to explain why their products are safe. They should also tell you whether you’ll need to leave your house or not. Companies such as FullScopePest recommend that your products are never toxic.

5. Will the Pests Come Back?

This is something we’ve already touched on, but it bears repeating. To get the most bang for your buck, your house needs to stay pest-free for as long as possible. Pest control is as much about maintenance as it is about treatments.

Before hiring professionals, make sure they intend to stay in touch with you. If they’re only looking to treat the infestation and move on, look elsewhere.

More on Pest Control

Other than asking these questions, there are a few other things you can do. For instance, look at online reviews of the company you’re looking to hire. Their website, Yelp, and Facebook are all good places to start.

Want to know more about pest control? Trying to protect your home from bed bugs and other insects? Take a look at our “Home & Family” section!

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