Last November, a very important expedition was hosted by CW to boost up the IOT  industry, bringing speed and mobility to  enhance the flawless  economic and  business growth. In  the Southern England,  CW, SET squared, RTACS, and 5GIC key players decided to  host a competition to select the best company which can offer proper training and guidance to make the most of the  internet of thing for the improvement of healthcare industry in  Bristol and  Guildford.

CW selected few small-scale business entrepreneurs to deliver proper training along with the technical support to smarten up the healthcare service in Britain.  Top five SME winners were further selected for getting advanced support and training from CW, SETsquared and IoTUK to improve their skill. They will get more technical support and mentoring from 4YFN, Alloy, Arkessa, Breed Reply, EAHSN, Iotic Labs, Tradefair, and MediaTek Labs in the future.

Top winners were committed to change the conventional infrastructures by utilizing the best IOT service to develop different aspects of health management. The social care and healthcare will be surprisingly renewed through the proper application of IOT technology. These SMEs will be given all types of support to get success in implementing upcoming projects in the matter of appreciable development of the healthcare system in Britain.

The Winners

Aseptika Ltd/ Activ8rlives has recently developed BuddyWOTCH to predict the  imminent disorder  in the respiratory system in advance. This device has been upgraded with IOT technology to  help  doctors to  get information about the possibility of attack of any bacterial infection or disease in the  respiratory systems of the patient.  It’s definitely a good outpatient care device that will give relief to patients from unnecessary hospitalization during emergency cases. They will track the condition of respiratory system regularly to have warning messages for taking more preventive care. So hospitalization and expensive treatments can be managed by using this brilliant device.

Altitude Tech – Special commendation for growth & potential

Altitude Tech is another winner which has introduced nice Sensly to measure the air quality.  People need to know whether breathable air is actually pure or contaminated.   This Sensly will be helpful to them do the proper analysis of air quality.

Inclusive Media Solutions – Special commendation for user design and experience

Inclusive Media Solutions have created a wonderful Q View tool with a technically upgraded digital networking system. Scan any item with Q view and then get complete information about the total procedures step by step. If you scan the kettle with Q-View, you can get instant information on how to make tea or coffee. It will be helpful for disabled people with cognitive disorder to have their health reports instantly whenever they use Q viewing platform to scan different body parts.

The reason behind the prize acquired by them maybe due to the introduction of smart wearable Zing device to track calorie.  Do proper obesity management and fitness by using this smart Zing in the form of watch, band and pendant/necklace.   It is also equipped with a small audio system with selfie option to have instant snapshots.

NquiringMinds – Special commendation for proposition

NquiringMinds   is an integrated multifunctional IOT supported device which conveys messages through cluster of devices.  It can be used to develop CO2   sensors, temperature tracking, and energy monitoring devices. With this technology,  you can share and transfer data through various systems at very high speed.  Experts have understood the usefulness of this system to integrate it in different healthcare clinics and hospitals. There will be more upgraded versions to make the job easier for health service providers to have easy communication with the patients.

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