Are you a teenager or are you someone who has just passed those golden years of your life? In either case, we believe that you must have experienced the financial crunch that kicks in once in a while in every teenager’s life. Be it buying that latest video game, going out with your friends or those endless late night parties, money is something that every teenager is tight on. Also, teenage is the time when you are still financially dependent on your parents since you are not yet capable of acquiring a job that can fulfil these necessities of life.

So, if you are someone who has been through these kind of situations or someone who is currently experiencing something on these lines, then you will probably find some great ways to make money online by the time you finish reading this post. The internet has grown many folds during the last few years and there are innumerable online jobs for college students. Scroll down and find some really quick and easy ways to make money online in your teenage.

How about your very own YouTube Channel?

Over the last few years, we have seen YouTube taking over most of the search engines. People these days prefer watching videos over reading the same stuff online and it has evolved into a multi- million business over time. So, if you are good at anything, you can rake in good moolah by simply creating a YouTube channel of your own. Post videos and interact with your viewers! Remember that you can talk about anything from fashion to food, from video games to movie reviews, anything!

Write it down!

Do you have a flair for writing? Do you ever come across articles and blogs and think that you can probably contribute to the readers online? If yes, then you can easily make some decent money by offering your writing services online. There are people out there looking for writers who can deliver quality work for their blogs and websites. You can not only make some extra cash on the side; rather you also get a chance to read and learn about new topics and ideas, which is a great way of shaping and nurturing your thoughts as a teenager.

Start your own website/ blog!

Teenagers these days are so much into the world of internet that almost everyone is starting a website/ blog of their own. With technology rendering us with vast knowledge and power, today it is possible to start a website of your own in just a couple of minutes. Have an idea? Don’t think much and simply start a website/ blog of your own. Choose a hobby or passion you want to explore and you should be good to go!!

Participate in online surveys

We all have our favourite brands and products that we swear by. If you are the regular user of a certain product/ brand, then you will definitely have a lot to say about it. Not many people are aware of the fact that there are regular online surveys being conducted in order to gather information about customer behaviour and preferences. All you need to do is sign up for these online surveys, express your views and get paid in return. It is a simple, hassle- free and quick way of earning some extra cash without the need of having any kind of expertise in the field.

Become an online tutor

This online money making tip is for teenagers who are at least 14- 15 year old. You most certainly can organise peer to peer tutoring classes rather than always going for younger students. This is especially a great money- making idea for teenagers who are good at any particular subject and it certainly is a boon if there are multiple subjects you can tutor in. Over time, you can even start a tutoring business of your own. For added advantage and outreach, take help from social media websites, such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ by creating pages and posting about your tutoring business.

Review music and get paid!

Who knew that you can actually earn money by simply listening to your favourite music!! Yes, you can now make money online by reviewing music and all you need to do is plug in your earphones, enjoy the music tracks and then provide your honest thoughts and reviews about the same. There are several websites on the internet today that are looking for the younger lot who have ample time to listen to their music and also provide their reviews. Music Xray is one such very popular website where teenagers can login using their Facebook accounts. They also get the option to select their favourite type of music and based on their choices, music tracks will be sent to them for review and feedback.

So the next time when you are getting bored or when you are simply broke, get online and make some extra cash just like that!!

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