Camping in a tent provides an outdoor experience you can’t really get from going out in an RV or camper.

Those trips can be fun, but pitching a tent and camping in a place your RV or camper can’t go helps you connect to nature on a whole different level. It also helps you connect to yourself on a different level.

There’s something incredibly beautiful about being out in the elements with only your tent to keep you safe. It makes you vulnerable but in a good way, a way we aren’t used to in our society.

However, camping in a tent does demand a learning curve.

Get a head start!

Check out our top tips for camping in a tent!

7 Tips for Camping in a Tent

Following a simple checklist of guidelines or tips while planning your camping trip will save you a ton of headache in the long run. 

These simple tips will help you enjoy your next camping trip while avoiding potential headaches! 

1. Pick the Right Place

First, when you’re camping in a tent, picking the perfect spot is vital.

There are certain red flag areas you need to avoid.  For example, being surrounded by dead trees may be good for firewood, but those dead trees can easily fall and seriously injure you as well.

Secondly, be cognizant of flash flooding areas, such as at the bottom of hills or in the base of valleys. The last thing you want to do is wake up under water!

2. Bring Safe Food Storage

Bears are no joke.

They can smell food from 20 miles away. If you think keeping any food in your tent or around the campground is a good idea, think again!

Especially while hiking and camping in a tent, the best ways to store food is in metal containers, bear-bags/containers, or by hanging it up in a tree.

3. Have a Pillow Solution

While it may seem like a small problem, sleeping on the hard ground at night without any form of a pillow can lead to severe neck issues the next day. Even if you use an empty bag and stuff it with dirty clothes, make sure you have your pillow situation figured out.

Camping Forge has all sorts of tips and tricks for enjoying simple comforts while camping!

4. Prep the Area Before You Lay Down Your Tent

Camping in a tent requires a little bit of groundwork. The first thing you should do once you’ve chosen your tent site is prep the area.

Remember, your going to be sleeping on the floor of the tent, you will feel anything the tent lays over. 

Remove the tent site of any twigs, rocks, and debris. If you want, you can also fluff up the ground with extra grass or shrubbery for extra insulation and padding! 

5. Don’t Set Up Too Close to the Fire

On cold nights, it may seem like a good idea to have your tent close to the fire. However, too close of proximity may lead to accidents or even a hazardous situation.

Best case scenario, a couple of embers jump out and burn tiny holes in your tent. Worst case scenario, you could light your whole tent on fire!

6. Take Your Shoes Off

When camping in a tent, it’s a good idea to take your shoes off inside for two reasons.

First, tents collect dirt incredibly fast and it won’t take long for your tent to become filthy if everyone is wearing their shoes in there.

Secondly, and most importantly, you could have rocks or twigs wedged in the soles of your shoes or boots, which can tear holes in the bottom of the tent.

7. Layer Up

Finally, tents have zero insulation. They keep the wind, the rain, and the bugs out, but that’s it.

Areas people commonly camp have a reputation for becoming surprisingly cold during the night. Make sure you wear layers to keep as warm as possible. 

If you get hot during the night, just shed layers!

Be Safe Out There

The most important thing about camping is being safe!

In order to enjoy camping in a tent, however, you have to get out there and do it!

Take the family out this weekend and enjoy some tent-life! Heck, even if you just camp in your backyard, just get out there!

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