I always love the idea of visiting the world’s most lush and lavish cities. I’m sure you do too, so which destinations hit this mark? Well, there are a few places around the world you can visit if your keen to lavish in luxury. 


Dubai used to be nothing but a desert. Oh, how times have changed this iconic location. I’ve found it’s now a haven for the luxury lifestyle and the high life. 

This is a rich city filled with rich people. It’s why it’s constantly chosen by the movie industry as a location to shoot scenes. From spy thrillers to exotic love stories, it’s all happening in Dubai. 

It’s not hard to understand why either. One of the most popular activities here is spending vast amounts of money. You can go on shopping sprees or have a spur of the moment purchase on a sports car. 

Tourists also love shopping opportunities with big designer stores. Do you want to buy the latest products from Alexander Mcqueen? You’ll be in the right place but it’s cheaper to buy online from FarFetch.

The skyline even has a ‘seven-star hotel.’ It costs $20,000 a night and there’s also the gorgeous, iconic Burj Khalifa. 

New York

New York, I love you and it’s not just because of your wealth. Although, it certainly doesn’t hurt. New York is the perfect spot for celebrity watching. Cameron Diaz, Jay-Z, Lena Dunham – they all have homes here. 

In New York, there are shops that scan your credit card as you walk through the door. 

One of my favorite places to eat is Danny Meyer’s latest hits, the Manahatta, located 60 floors above lower Manhattan. Try to get a table overlooking the East River for a better view at the Brooklyn Bridge.


The city of love. Or, for women of style, fashion and sophistication. It’s another great spot for designer shopping. Paris is also seen as a major purveyor for the cultural zeitgeist within the West. 

As well as taking in the shops it’s the perfect spot for sampling a luxury diet too. Decadent cheeses and wines are available here. 

Of course, I’d be remiss not to point out this holds the headquarters of Chanel, Dior and Lacoste. 


The crown jewel of the French Riviera, Monaco is everything I dreamed and so much more. It’s glamorous and with an aqua green glistening ocean the perfect spot for romance.

One in three people living in this city is a millionaire. The homes are absolutely incredible with multistorey swimming pools a reality! You’ll see the most expensive cars race past you here too. 

Casinos are also hugely popular here. But don’t be fooled. When you walk into a Monaco casino, you could leave without your life savings. 


One of the most expensive cities in the world to live, London is an amazing place. You might need multiple jobs to afford the prices, but it’s worth it. There are exclusive neighborhoods and gated communities as you get close to the richest areas. 

Indeed real estate here is some of the most expensive in the world. Particularly if you choose to live in Chelsea of Kensington. 

There are countless designer boutiques too. Alexander Mcqueen, Prada, and Gucci are all here. You have gorgeous shopping malls and iconic stores like Harrods too. 

This is where the elite shop and it’s another great place to see celebs. Many have purchased second homes here. 


A hub for the manufacturing of luxury goods, this is the financial capital of Italy. It has one of the largest GDPs in Europe. It’s also considered a fashion capital. 

That’s not surprising at all. You’ll find Dolce and Gabbana, Versace, Armani run their home offices here. As well as being popular for fashion, you can pick up deluxe furniture too. 

Basiglio is also the richest location in all of Italy. With gilded neo-classic architecture, it’s an elegant delight. There are luxury apartments galore too that will require multiple paychecks to rent. 


I adore Benidorm and this city is known for its gorgeous hotels, beaches, and skyscrapers. It’s close to Valencia and has become a major tourist hub. The evolution took place over the last five decades. 

There’s a glorious nightlife scene here, adding to the incredible extravagance on display. You’ll find countless Spanish celebrities around the location too. 

Benidorm is different from other lavish locations on our list. It’s far more popular to visit this location than to stay. If you’re looking for a holiday destination for the rich and famous, this is it. 

Do any of these destinations sound like a dream come true to you? Book your plane ticket today, I’m sure you won’t regret it.

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