Worried about carpal tunnel syndrome affecting your work? Who wouldn’t, given it’s one of the most common nerve disorders?

In fact, it’s a disorder that affects about 4-10 million Americans. It can affect your hand strength and sensation, making it function less the more you go on without treatment.

If you want to prevent developing carpal tunnel syndrome, get an ergonomic keyboard tray. That way, you’re ensured comfort without worrying too much about your budget.

Are you ready to learn the benefits of a gaming keyboard tray? Read on and find out more.

Why You Should Use an Ergonomic Keyboard Tray

When thinking about ergonomic accessories, an ergonomic keyboard tray might not be on your top priority. But the truth is that they’re one of the powerhouses of wellness both in a home and workplace setting. It helps you do the right adjustments to your typing posture, relieving the pain of repetitive activities like typing.

Here are some of the things why a standing keyboard riser is best for you:

1. It Helps Position Both Your Keyboard and Mouse at Correct Height

The standard height for American desks can vary between 29” and 30”. But the problem is that its seated height only works for a small portion of the population. That means a lot of people will have their keyboard and mouse sitting too tall for it to become ergonomic.

With an adjustable keyboard tray, you can help make the keyboard lower than your actual work surface. A lot of keyboard trays in the market can drop your keyboard area anywhere between 4” and 6” below your desk surface’s underside. With a 1” thick surface, you might drop it to as low as 22”, making it suitable for people within the 5’ mark.

2. It Allows Your Hands to Work in Negative Tilted Positions

Without a keyboard tray, you have the tendency to rest your wrists on the surface of the desk. Depending on the keyboard height, you’re putting your hands or wrists in a positive position. The ideal situation is to assume a neutral position for your wrists and hands.

Using this position will decrease your chances of getting injuries from awkward mouse and keyboard use. It becomes easier when you’re using a keyboard tray to help in positioning.

3. It Frees Up Desk Space

Regardless of your tidiness, you still end up getting smaller spaces on your desk. It’s especially the case when you’re using the standard desk size. If you’re doing some serious tasks, you might need two monitors alongside your other office paraphernalia.

If you use a keyboard tray, you will free up more space on your desk. That means you can put more paperwork on your desk while using the keyboard tray to house your keyboard.

4. It Moves Your Arms Away from the Desk Surface Edge

It’s difficult to keep your wrists above the desk surface. That means you’ll eventually drop your arms as time goes by. You risk injuring yourself if you have the desk surface edge pushing into your forearms.

The keyboard tray helps push you back from the desk’s surface and edge. It’s a good method of breaking the habit. As long as you continue using it, your wrists and forearms will start getting better, and you’ll actually feel the improvements.

5. It Gives a Place to Rest the Wrists

Most keyboard trays will come with wrist rests. That’s why you’ll have a more comfortable spot when you start feeling tired while typing. The best part is that it won’t do you much harm to rest your wrists on it all the time.

6. It Helps with Viewing Monitors at Correct Height

Your workstation needs proper dual ergonomics to ensure proper setup. It means you need to fit your body’s requirements to the height setup of both the monitor and keyboard. The starting setup will most often have the wrong height.

A height adjustment monitor stand will help you raise the monitor to its appropriate height. But in most cases, your monitor will be too low while the keyboard setup will be too high. But with a keyboard tray, you can make the latter drop to a lower height.

If you’re using a high desk with a chair too tall for you, you can drop it since the keyboard tray is lower. It will let you type at a lower position, assuming you have a standard height desk. It lowers your body and eyes to a more appropriate height where the monitors sit on the desk.

7. It Protects You from Pain and Injury

With all the features stated above, you have a means of protecting yourself from injury. Most of the pain will come from putting your keyboard and mouse at an uncomfortable height or angle. The soreness you feel from this can stay with you well beyond your working years.

The best part about keyboard trays is that it’s perfect when you’re standing too. It’s an important office accessory especially when you don’t have a monitor arm.

With this setup, you can raise your desk high enough to see the monitors at a comfortable height. You can do this while lowering the keyboard tray to give your arms the proper position. It makes you work faster since you aren’t uncomfortable while working, especially if you need precise mouse movements.

Get Your Ergonomic Keyboard Tray Today!

There are a lot of other benefits when you use an ergonomic keyboard tray for your office needs. Ergonomics is a hot topic lately, so it’s important to get on with the trend and optimize your workplace. The effort will help you become more productive since you won’t suffer from pains that can distract you.

If you’re looking for keyboard trays, you need to get the right brand. Do some diligent research on the internet and read customer reviews. That way, you’ll have a tray that suits your needs.

Do you find this guide educational? If so, read more of our posts and discover more tips and tricks!

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