Eric Lefkosky has brought significant changes in the entrepreneurial sector through his establishment of different firms in Chicago and other parts of the United States. Together with his wife, Eric recently sold his six-bedroom mansion based in Glencoe for over $5.2 million. He has launched major real estate developments in the area, with the growth and rise of his longtime Glencoe estate being one of his major achievements. Eric always aims at establishing firms with unique features, which forms the basis for the uniqueness of his properties. The popularity of his investments is as a result of his collaboration with his wife and determination to startup unique developments, such as Tempus.

Eric has a major passion for technology and has over the recent years established a vast number of innovative companies. Among the firms that he has taken part in developing include Lightbank, Echo Global Logistics, Mediciocean, among many others. Eric is also a co-founder of many companies, and through his investments, he has gained a great opportunity to learn many tactics about business.

Together with his wife, Eric has also taken part in many charitable organizations, to shine a light on the less fortunate people in the society. He established the Lefkosky Family Foundation together with his wife Liz, to start up initiatives that would impact the community positively. The entrepreneur is teamwork oriented and works closely with other people to establish lucrative businesses. Together with Andrew Mason, he founded the Groupon Inc firm that aims at helping people that have cancer. He believes that by working together, people can achieve more than a single individual would achieve.

Eric encourages people to take calculated risks when carrying out their business operations and he insists that calculated risks ensure that a firms plan goes as expected to ensure that it accomplishes its goals.

Eric encourages investors to always seek advice from other successful people regarding their business operations and issues that they face. He insists that shared ideas are the best and as long as one chooses logic ones, he can use them to develop his firm.

Eric further encourages business owners and people that look forward to establishing businesses not to give up easily, but rather put a lot of effort to achieve their goals. He believes that establishing a business could lead to a lot of pressure and as a result, investors should have a plan to guide them as they carry out their business operations. Eric has always worked hard towards the development and rise of his businesses and is known to rise very early in the morning to attend to his businesses to ensure that they merge to be the best.

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