Apple has been at the forefront of design, technology, and luxury. From the iPod to the iMac, from the iPhone to the iPad, and from the iPad to the Apple Watch, Apple is the gold standard in what we should expect from electronics and phones. Every year, Apple takes it to the next level and has been able to bring together some of the most cutting-edge technologies that have led to a truly unique product, the Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max. Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max has a 128 GB ROM and up to 512 GB ROM variants are available. The base iPhone will have a 128 GB ROM but other memory and storage will depend on region, carrier, or other factors.

The reason why Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max comes with a 128 GB ROM is simple: You can have way more data to store, given its camera and the night vision mode. In fact, Apple does mention that 128 GB is the optimal size of the internal storage of the iPhone for the first time. As a user said, it is not iPhone 13 Pro, it is Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max At A Glance

Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max

Processing And Data

There are other things to keep in mind. Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max comes with a new A15 Bionic chip, which is better at the things it does. In 2018, Apple upgraded to the new A13 Bionic chip. The iPhone 11 Pro Max was the first iPhone with the A13 Bionic chip. It will be interesting to see how fast the A15 chip performs.

If you want to make sure you have enough storage to store your data, consider using a 64 GB or 128 GB option, depending on your needs. What does that mean for you? Well, the 128 GB storage will let you store a lot of your apps and the data that you take the time to store. You would not feel restricted by the amount of data you can store. It will feel as if you have a lot of space for your data on your Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max.


At 4.7 inches (11.94 cm) wide, and 6.5 inches (16.51 cm) tall, the Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max is by far the largest iPhone that Apple has ever released. It sports the absolute largest OLED display that Apple has ever made. It sports the absolute fastest A15 X chipset in any iPhone ever built. It boasts the absolute fastest GPUs on any Apple product. It sports the absolute best cameras in any Apple iPhone, with a triple set in the rear.



Gaming on the Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max is the absolute best given it is an A15 Bionic chip. You have two options for playing games on the iPhone: the Game Center and the App Store. The App Store comes installed by default, but the Game Center is available for download in the Settings menu.

Game Center

The Game Center is the official Game Center, so any game you purchase from the App Store or play on your computer will be made available in the Game Center for you to play on the iPhone. Games do not have to be purchased through the App Store for you to play them on the Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max.

The Game Center is also the place where you can manage the games you have already purchased and the games you have recently added. You can keep track of your progress in games and even purchase additional in-app purchases in the Game Center.

App Store

The App Store is the place where you can purchase games for your Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max, regardless if you bought them through the App Store or downloaded them from your computer.

Apple also makes a version of Game Center available to the App Store called Apple Arcade. Apple Arcade is similar to the Game Center, except it is meant to be played in the cloud. Apple Arcade is a great way to kill some time during breaks or waiting at the airport. While Apple Arcade is free, Apple will offer discounts and other free content when you pay for certain games in the App Store. Apple Arcade is also available on iOS 15, although only certain games will be available.

The Game Center and the App Store are a great way to help you track your progress and keep track of all of your in-game purchases, regardless of whether you bought them in the App Store on the Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max or downloaded them from your computer.

Detailed Look

Detailed Look

Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max is a bit heavier than other phones. That is to be expected from It is also made of metal as compared to the plastic construction of other phones. Despite these minor compromises, the Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max remains a powerful smartphone, packed with all of the latest features in a durable and sleek package.


iPhone 13 Pro Max has a stainless steel body with a sleek gradient finish on the front and back. The sides of the phone are matte black, with an LED flash in the top right corner. The phone itself is 6.7 cm display size and weighs 191 grams.


iPhone 13 Pro Max has a notch-free screen. In terms of display, it is a 6.7-inch Super Retina XDR with a resolution of 2934×2436. The iPhone is one of the few smartphones that are equipped with a triple-lens camera system with a 2x zoom, a telephoto zoom, and a wide-angle lens. The wide-angle lens of the camera also has a 13-megapixel resolution. The front camera of the phone has an 8-megapixel resolution. The phone is backed by the Apple A15 Bionic system-on-chip with Neural Engine.


Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max features a 12-megapixel selfie camera, with a wide-angle lens on the front. There is no notch on the iPhone’s screen, like on other models in the iPhone line. It comes with wireless charging technology.

The other features of the iPhone 13 Pro Max include a 12.9-megapixel camera with a telephoto lens, a wide-angle lens, and a portrait mode. There is a new gesture navigation system. The back of the phone also has an 18-megapixel camera.


In terms of software, there are many new software features on the iPhone 13 Pro Max. It has iOS 15 and macOS High Sierra. Apple’s Siri has been redesigned for iOS 15. The new operating system of the iPhone includes the redesigned Maps app and the redesigned iMessage app.

The iPhone is paired with Apple’s new Apple Pay that allows consumers to pay for items and services with Apple Pay through their iPhone. The feature allows users to authenticate payments and manage accounts through the Messages app. The feature is available on Android phones as well, but the iOS Apple Pay system is the first system that allows consumers to pay from a smartphone.

The Apple Pay feature is also available on the iTunes account. Customers can use it to buy and download songs and other content.

It also has a faster A13 Bionic chip with a Neural Engine.


The iPhone has a 3,816 mAh battery with wireless charging. According to Apple, the battery of the phone can last up to 15 hours with wireless charging and 10 hours with its standard charging.


Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max comes in many colors, like Rose and Sierra Blue. These smartphones are not just good-looking, but they also boast advanced technology which gives us a beautiful display. They have all the specs to run all the features. One thing that you will notice first is the beautiful gold color which matches the stunning Rose Gold color that is seen on all the iPhones by Apple. This smartphone also features a glass back design with which it is very hard to scratch. The fingerprint sensor is also placed on the front side of the display which lets you make and confirm your call or payments quickly.

Availability And iPhone 13 Pro Max Price

Availability And iPhone 13 Pro Max Price

The Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max is available now, with prices ranging above 1099 USD. iPhone 13 Pro Max Price is very high compared to the average top-end smartphone, but you will notice that the price signals the nature of the phone and its range above all other phones. The iPhone 13 Pro Max Price accurately stands for what the phone is capable of.

The best thing about this smartphone is that it supports dual sim and is also very easy to install and set up apps and its features.


  1. The Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max runs iOS 15 which is its latest operating system. It allows you to run any app from the Apple store. The battery of this smartphone is the biggest in the market at 4,000 mah. The dual sim feature of this phone is quite convenient and easy to use. The battery of the smartphone allows the maximum number of days that your device can operate. The features of this smartphone are much like the iPhone XS and XS Max but upgraded.
  2. The display of this smartphone is not just beautiful but has the best-quality IPS display. The Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max has a resolution of 2,688×1,334 pixels. One of the features that this display allows you to do is multitasking. The screen size is very easy to operate.
  3. The camera quality of the Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max is excellent. The 13 Pro Max can shoot at full 4K resolution at 60 frames per second and at super slow motion at 1080 fps. The rear camera quality is very good and stable. The camera of this smartphone supports Dual sim functionality. The lens can be changed by just turning the slider on the right side of the display.
  4. The Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max supports wireless charging. The fingerprint sensor on the display works efficiently and it has the capacity to protect the display from getting damaged by accidental touches.
  5. The Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max has a dual-camera system in the rear. It can capture 4K video with a resolution of 3840×2160 pixels and it can even take 12-megapixel photos at 30 fps. The wide-angle camera will let you capture a lot of things in the background without cutting the image.

iPhone 13 Mini

iPhone 13 Mini

If you are a bit overwhelmed by the Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max, you can chill by taking a look at the iPhone 13 mini. It is a mini only in comparison, as the actual size of the phone is 5.7 inches (14.48 cm). The price itself suggests that the phone is by no means a mini, as it ranges from $700 – $999 . Although still so much less compared to the pro max, the mini is still priced in the Apple flagship model range. It has two primary cameras instead of three, although both are still in the 12 MP range.

It lacks the high-demand options of videos and night vision and multiple recording options on high bandwidth call that the pro max has, but then the iPhone 13 mini is its own beast. It has regular Apple cameras and it does that well.

This Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max is equipped with an all-new design that is thinner, wider, and stronger than any Apple device that has come before. That alone shows that Apple knows how to design and build a product that it can sell in the long run. With the iPhone 13 Pro Max, Apple has succeeded in building something that it can sell forever.

If you need another Apple device to go with it, the new iPhone 13 Pro Max has also partnered with the best in the business: the Apple Watch.

The Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max and the Apple Watch in One unit. Now that is a good choice.

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