Worried about your irregular fitness program? Or your fitness trainer is just not the right guy equipped with requisite knowledge about the pros and cons of various aspects of your body? Ever wanted a device that is smart enough to take care of your body without any manual intervention? If yes, then you are at the right place at the right time.

Today’s hectic life demands more awareness and better fitness strategies. And thanks to the gadgets supporting internet of things you can now take care of your body without hitting the gym or hiring a personal trainer.

For all the fitness freaks out there, this post will introduce you to a number of sophisticated fitness activity trackers which are made especially to take care of your fitness needs.


Top fitness tracking devices
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Best Fitness Trackers – Bracelets | Watches | Bands

Change is the law of nature and with time it makes sense to come out of conventional outlook and welcome the gifts of technological advancements. Now-a-days the competitive and stressful life demands smarter ways to monitor our lives. A lot of people who cannot afford to hit the gym or fitness programs due to the constraints of time or location can avail the benefits of these gifts to a greater extent.

These devices are smart enough to advice or suggest changes to your workout regime by closely monitoring your activities. It is like becoming your own fitness trainer. You know what to do, how to do and why to do.

Browse through the various devices mentioned below and grab the one that fits your need the most.


Ever wanted a device that can actually let you know when to stop munching your favorite dishes? If yes, then HAPIfork is just the thing you need. By calculating the vibrations and motions of your body, this awesome device will provide you with your intake amount and will notify you about your eating style, frequency and speed.

With this device by your side, you can rest assured of the fact that over eating will soon turn in to a myth. HAPIfork is the best calorie monitoring or tracking application device.

HAPIfork IoT Fitness tracker device

Smart Mat

Ever since July 21st has been declared as the international yoga day, there has been an exponential growth in the number of people joining Yoga from different parts of the world and especially in India. With such a huge population joining yoga it makes sense for an internet connected device dedicated to yoga. One such device is the Smart Mat. Starting from providing smart tips to  helping you maintain a proper balance, this device allows you to get detailed information about your posture when connected to a laptop or a tablet.

 Nike Fuel

This device allows you to keep track of calories burned, distanced walked or jogged by uploading the data to the internet so that you can keep improving. You can use this device to benchmark your progress everyday and within a month or so you are sure to get good results.


Burning calorie is not an easy task. And without a proper knowledge and motivation you are likely to lose interest in your workout. FitBit understands this problem and thus it makes fitness easier and interesting by taking care of your health by keeping track of the number of stairs climbed, calories burned, and distance walked and so on. Cool, isn’t it? FitBit has variety of fitness trackers under his name. From smart fitness monitoring watches, bracelets to wrist bands. FitBit satisfies both man and woman fitness monitoring device needs.

FitBit fitnes tracker uses IoT technology



Heart is the lifeline of our body and no fitness regime is complete without a proper maintenance of this very important and delicate organ of the body. Thanks to Basis, you can monitor your heart rate, calorie intake, sleep patterns and other important parameters involved.

Vessyl Cup


Believe it or not, this device (shaped like a mug) can has the ability to analyze the liquid and tell you the dietary contents your pour in to it. Not only this, you can even connect it with your smart phone for getting data.

Skulpt Aim

Obsessed with body building? But not getting the desired results? If yes, Skulpt Aim is just the thing you need. It measures the quality of your muscles and gives you an idea about your progress. It also helps in dieting by estimating the fat percentage of the body. This is the best activity tracker smart band and watch for muscle building in the market.

Skulpt Aim body building IoT device
Skulpt Aim muscle gain tracker



Worried about your fertility? Have no fear when Cue is here. It helps you to keep a check on your testosterone level and fertility.


Are these fitness tracking devices for everyone?

The answer should be a straight Yes. Anyone who is conscious and aware about his fitness and body needs, should find these fitness trackers useful. Although the description above may sound a bit complicated to people who are less tech savy, but trust us, with a few initial coaching these devices are as simple to use as your mobile phones and sometimes far simpler than your phones or tablets. So what are you waiting for! Go grab the one that fits your requirement the most and flaunt your gadget proudly. You can also gift these to your close ones who you feel are very casual about their fitness.

Final Words

Your body is getting older everyday and as the wise saying goes “Prevention is better than cure” it makes sense to be aware about your body and take actions accordingly. Many of these fitness trackers are availabe for man, woman, boys and girls. Some health issues do not give much time to act so it is better to stay fit and stay away from those painful injections and medicines as far as possible.

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