Looking at the buzz created by Internet of Things, it will not be wrong to say that this new- age technology will take us towards a huge leap into the future of gadgets and high- end electronic appliances. If you are so far unaware of the concept of Internet of Things or IoT, then take a quick read through what Internet of Things is all about and how this technology is capable of making human life easier and cooler than ever.

Although a number of manufacturing companies have already begun their tryst with this next- generation technology, some people may find Internet of Things devices and gadgets to be something completely unnecessary or in other words going overboard with technology!

Best Internet of Things Stocks To Invest
Best Internet of Things Stocks To Invest

The extent of usefulness of Internet of Things powered gadgets is surely a thing of near future and there is plenty of time left to participate in a debacle regarding the same. Before that, let us take a few minutes and look into some of the best Internet of Things stocks to invest in right now!


Best Internet of Things Stocks to Invest


ARM Holdings IoT stock list

1. ARM Holdings (ARMH)

The first Internet Of Things Stocks is Arm Holdings. For those of you who are not aware of this company, ARM Holdings is known all over the world for offering graphic processors, 32- bit RISC microprocessors, high speed connectivity products, wireless sensors, cell libraries and various other products which are high on technology and are known for rendering huge power to electronic systems. Coming to its stride in the IoT sector, ARM Holdings is manufacturing controllers, sensors and other high- intelligence which can be embedded into all prospective IoT powered gadgets for better performance and longevity. The collection of smart sensor- based products provided by ARM Holdings will enable all present and future IoT products to have better intelligence.


Zebra Technologies Internet of Things stock

2. Zebra Technologies 

 The firm is leading in enterprise asset intelligence, designing and marketing specialty printers and systems is coming forward as a magnificent investment avenue.

Market cap of Zebra Technologies is $4,065,928,863 with a target price of $115 by the end of this year. Share price of Zebra Technology had already touched the peak value of $119.47 in month of June this year and is currently trading at $ 78.08. At such a discounted price stocks of Zebra Tech is a good option for investing your money for long term and get good returns.

Bosch Internet of Things stock

3. Bosch

A leading global supplier of both technology as well as world- class services, Bosch is the second stock on this list worth investing in. The IoT tagline used by this company is “The Internet of Things and Services”. With the help of IoT as well as the vastness of internet, Bosch promises that all its services and products will have better connectivity in the coming years. They will be able to send and receive information automatically over the internet and hence promise great market potential for its already famous and worth using products and services. Bosch is definitely an IoT stock worth putting your hard- earned money in!

Best Internet of Things Stocks To Invest
Best Internet of Things Stocks To Invest


Cisco Internet of Things logo

4. Cisco Systems (CSCO)

Cisco Systems is known for offering hardware, software as well as product- based services to users with the motive to make information retrieval more convenient as well as faster over the internet. Under the tagline of “The Internet of Everything”, Cisco Systems focusses on bringing people, data, things, products as well as services together in order to make network connections more valuable and relevant. This also aims towards creating new capabilities and scopes for devices and electronic gadgets which will help in promoting better economic opportunities for businesses, countries as well as individuals.


Skyworks Solutions IoT stocks

5. Skyworks Solutions

 Inc., together with its consolidated subsidiaries, have stepped ahead in Research and Development and have come forward as an innovator of high performance analog and mixed signal semiconductors connecting people, places and things across the globe at a promptly increasing number of new and previously unimagined applications that includes automotive, broadband, wireless infrastructure, energy management, industrial, medical, military, smartphones and tablets.

Skyworks Solutions stocks are currently trading on NASDAQ at Current market price of $87.77 and have a target price of $120 in the long term. With a Price Earnings ratio of approx. 23 the investors are bullish on Skywork Solutions.

Google Internet of Things and logo

6. Google (GOOG)

Google is not new to the world of Internet of Things technology and it is one mega- giant company which has already proved its mantle in the field of technology. We all have heard of Google Glass and several other current as well as upcoming IoT inspired products and services from Google. This ace search engine company concentrates on improving user’s experience of connecting with information present on the internet. Some of the popular inventions of Google in the field of Internet of Things technology is Dropcam Pro, Silver Spring Networks, Nest Labs as well as the already discussed Google Glass wearable intelligence. Needless to say, Google is one of the most bankable IoT companies in this list.


Intel Internet of Things technology

7. Intel (INTC)

Intel is known for providing the world with integrated digital technology and its IoT tagline goes something like this: Intelligent Systems. With the help of Intel’s IoT inspired services, the world will get internet- enabled devices that will be capable of communicating and networking with each other as well as the cloud, hence providing all businesses with the opportunity to enhance their efficiency and productivity. For this purpose, Intel has been working towards the use of Internet of Things technology for creating intelligent devices, creating larger and dynamic systems by connecting legacy devices to the cloud as well as for enabling end to end analytics for these smart systems.


IBM in Internet of Things

8. IBM (IBM)

The next company in our list of Internet of Things Stocks is IBM which is known for offering a wide range of consulting services as well as technology products and it is no surprise to find this company in the list of IoT stocks to invest in. Going by the tagline of “Smarter Planet”, IBM believes that the entire planet consisting of physical objects, natural and human systems have already stocked up on an enormous amount of data and IBM, with the help of IoT technology, is making use of UPC codes, sensors, microchips for interconnecting all media so that there can be automatic synchronization between data. A sure shot step towards making this planet smarter, we must say!!


Murata Manufacturing IoT stock

9. Murata Manufacturing 

A Japan based manufacturing firm that deals in research & development, manufacturing and sale of electronic components and devices made from fine ceramics.

With a Market Cap. of $ 32.3 Billion, the company has been ranked 671 among the Global 2000 Cos by Forbes in May’15 and looking at its current year earnings estimates at $ 968 Million, an increase of $212 Million Year Over Year, most of market guru are bullish on the stock and recommend to invest in companies shares.

These are just some of the Internet Of Things Stocks to invest in and there are various other companies taking relevant steps in this direction. Subscribe to our newsletter from right-side-bar to get more updates on IoT stocks.

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