Best Python Editor for Linux, Windows and Mac

Python is now the best programming software used throughout the world right from the beginners to the professionals. Because of its functionality and user-friendly interface, Python helps anyone with coding by giving the best and desired output. Additionally, if you have an efficient IDE that goes with Python replacing Notepad, you can save time and effort that is to be spent in programming especially if you’re a profound programmer. Tons of IDEs are available in the contemporary world which are compatible with multiple platforms say Linux, Windows, and Mac. In this article, you will go through a list of five different Python IDEs that have amusing web development support (including HTMlL, JavaScript, and Django). Go through them and install the one that suits your criteria the best and enhances your programming into a different level.

  • iPython: Topping the list, iPython is the best compiler in the era. Apart from the standard features like ultimate workability, it uses a particular command shell while working with Python. The IDE is user-friendly and aesthetic. Becuase, of its simplicity, one can learn how to use it without putting much effort, and it is also equally compatible and functional for parallel computing. However, compared to the older version; the latest version has navigation of multi directories and HTML widgets making the IDE even handier.
  • PTK: If you’re looking for an abstract IDE that doesn’t have many complexities, your search ends here. Being the most exploitable Python IDE, it creates an interactive environment and correlates with Python efficiently. It works on graphic packages and supports all kind of graphical interfaces. The explicit thing about this IDE is it can help in developing a GUI based application.
  • IEP: Though listed in Python IDE, IEP is not an editor. It is more of a replacement for Matlab than the notepad but with an elevated functionality that makes the Python programming easy. It supports numerous command shells at a time, and you can program various GUI applications and kits like GTK, TK, PySide, WX, PyQt4 and FTLK. It is open and is written in Python 3. Why should you install IEP, then? Because of its dual functionality and also its exclusively interactive nature with Python; it helps you build inner mutual and bilateral programs.
  • gEcrit: This IDE is designed based on the ease of use and also its simplicity. When compared to other IDEs, it is light and fast in navigation. It features line numbers, syntax highlighting & syntax checking, indentation & indentation guides, indentation change, code completion and code folding, multiple shell access, a browser, a program runner, a space indicator, an edge line, autosaving, word searching & word replacement, zooming in/zooming out, coding, jumping to a line, printing, checking of bad brace With these many multiple functions, it is the best an upcoming programmer can find on the market.
  • Pyzo: Pyzo is an open source IDE which focuses on introspection and interaction equally and therefore is more suitable for scientific and technological computing. Pyzo is designed to be simple and to be efficient to the core. The IDE is made of two main components, the shell, and the editor. It uses various pluggable tools and helps in various phases of programming like file browsing, interactive helping, structuring the source and in debugging a post mortem.

If you’re looking for few other full-fledged, cross-platform compatible IDEs apart from those that are listed here, you can always check PyCharm, WingIDE, Komodo IDE and Pydev. However, the IDEs above are extremely feasible that help ineffectual Python programming. Choose the one that suits you the best and have fun in programming.

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