If we consider last 15 years then we can trace the major transformation that Internet of Things have initiated and how Internet of things have led to making our lives more comfortable by simplifying our work.

Over years the pathway of Internet of things wasn’t so smooth, there were many challenges for the Internet of things that it had to face and overcome for purpose of delivering undisruptive technological advancement. Following are the key challenges that Internet of Things has to face and find solutions to overcome the same in order of delivering effective and efficient servicer are :-

Biggest Challenges For The Internet of Things (IoT)

Bulk Data 

As you know that one of inseparable factor of Internet of things is Data. Internet of things connects machine to machine with help of cloud i.e. it helps devices to get connected to the cloud and thus it stores large volume of data. Handling and maintenance of such large volume data along with the investment needed for storing and maintaining such data would be very high and thus it is among the big challenges for the Internet of Things.

Challenges for the Internet of Things
Binary Data



When the number of devices connected in 2015 are around 6.5 Billion, the security concern with such number of device connected is also very high. Security Challenge for the Internet of Things is one of major factor that can affect the success of Internet of things adversely as if people don’t find Internet of things technology safe, in such case industries and homes won’t be accepting such technological advancement for connecting their devices.


Internet Security System
Internet of Things Challenge Security


Business and homes security devices are also connected to Internet of Things and cloud has many confidential and sensitive information of business and individuals stored which is turning to point of attraction for hackers. Management of Security challenge for the Internet of Things needs a smart solution for raising the level of security with respect to hardware, software and connectivity.


Bandwidth & Power Consumption

 As numerous devices are connected to the cloud I.e. Internet of things and in order to get millions of devices get connected and transfer data over cloud or signaling, the bandwidth and power consumption is high. Thus a solution is needed to these Challenges for the internet of Things to minimize the consumption of power and bandwidth for any application.



Internet of Things is inclusive of integration of various layers of software’s, hardware’s and other system in order to facilitate the service of connecting devices to the cloud. There are also set standards and protocols along with various number of Application Program Interface (API) testing that prove to be a challenge for the Internet of Things.

If we consider the viewpoint of users like you then the challenge for the Internet of Things is that it should not be that complex that only experts are able to take benefits of same, even individuals without expert knowledge of IT like you and I should be able to handle and use the Internet of things technological advancement.



If you have an Internet of Thing device or a device connected to the cloud then there should be a way to sense or monitor weather the IoT device is connected or is facing a network drop. You should have information when the device faces network drop and when it gets re-connected to the network and is online.

How The Internet of Things work?
Internet of Things Cloud

This kind of technology is crucial in areas like a chat room where you should be aware weather the person you are in chat with is online or has gone offline. In such areas sensing is the key challenge for the internet of things as to carry out the operation you should know when the device is connected to the internet and when it gets dis-connected.



 Internet of Things is evolved with the basic need of connecting devices across the world and facilitate centralized monitoring and control of connected devices. All this is only possible if there is availability of undisruptive connectivity, as if the connectivity isn’t regular there is disruptive supply then the device will drop network frequently then it would create a major challenge for the Internet of Things that cannot be ignored and needs an immediate solution.

IoT challenges for connectivity

A step ahead for overcoming the connectivity related challenges for the Internet of Things is the replacement of TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol) with IPv6 (Internet Protocol version 6) which is latest version of Internet Protocol (after IPv4) that allocates an identification & location system for connected devices. To Test your connectivity Click here



When we talk about Signaling then here the crucial role is played by Internet of Things Data Streams (Data Streaming and signaling of device in real time). In simple words Signaling refers to the security and reliability of data transfer from one device to another. This transfer can be between device to device, device to server or server to device.

How IoT cloud works? Infographic
How Internet of Things (IoT) cloud works?

If you consider 2 points say point A and point B, between whom the data is to be transferred then the process of transfer of data from Point A to Point B with safety and reliability at a faster transfer rate refers to Signaling. Here major challenges for the Internet of Things is that it has to ensure that there is proper signaling between millions of connected device simultaneously and ensure faster transfer of data with high security and reliability.



Trends are changing and so does the need of consumer, with this changing trend there is need for Internet of Things to improve itself and adapt the changing environment. Adaptability is essential for ensuring its survival and growth. Internet of Things should be able to adapt itself and diversify its use with expansion of consumers need and demand.

If you look at the technological advancement of Internet of Things then you will find that it has come a long way and have ensured its growth by way of expanding its use in areas like Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Agriculture areas, home and business security solution, communication and the list continues with more addition coming in mere future.

This is what we think about the biggest challenges that Internet of Things will face in future. Share this article on social media, let your friends enjoy this our views too.

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