DataV is compatible to operate within any working conditions ranging from cloud AWS, high end infrastructures and within on-premises as well.Bsquare also provides internet of things services via its DataV.


DataV is a complete software package for Internet of Things (IoT) and the primary objective is to drive benefits and progress. DataV is not only about connecting devices, it’s also about monitoring and analyzing so that overall costs can be minimized. DataV extracts data from different industries and business assets and then, this assessed data is utilized to execute a wide range of actions.

So as a whole, this data provides a base for better analysis. Further, events are predicted and actions are taken accordingly. The advantage that the companies can take is the implementation of focused Internet of Things Solutions. DataV IoT service has combined with other services of Bsquare to drive more service capabilities. Bsquare has worked a lot in its DataV project and after researching for a decade, this amazing software suite has been prepared considering the needs of connecting various devices.


Vice President of Bsquare Solutions, Mark Whiteside believes that Deploying DataV on the AWS Cloud would facilitate the company to integrate Internet of things solutions that is helping customers to cater their needs. Moreover,  Amazon’s IOT web services enable Bsquare to connect edge devices, and facilitates data movement between those devices and the AWS Cloud. As a whole, the Amazon Web Service provides better solution for our customers and increases their growth rate.

At this point Vice President of Amazon Web Service, M. Marco Argenti said that the Amazon Web Services provides an option to create new kinds of applications which are more friendly with the real world. Moreover, they also agreed that Bsquare will provide all required device-level softwares which can be integrated with AWS.

BSQUARE as a company has been working to provide technology for Interent of things solutions. Apart from IoT, it also supports OEMs and ODMs. Bsquare is master in providing personalised tech solutions to enterprises, hence it works more in a B2B model. Recently it has come up with a new project DataV which is considered to be a complete software package for Internet of Things. Although, Softwares are the core business of Bsquare but its business segment also includes hardware design and engineering, development of technology platforms, app development, testing, raining and licensing services. Bsquare has partnered with many well known organizations like Amazon Web Services, Qualcomm snapdragon Mobile Development Platform (Qualcomm Snapdragon MDP) and Adobe Scaling Partner.

They combine strength of Bsquare’s software and AWS IoT delivers solid results in a cost effective manner. Amazon Web Services has been a prime contributor of cloud services and this Internet of things network by Bsqaure on the AWS cloud will increase the profitability and reduce the overall cost. Data movement between the devices has been a top notch concern for the company and AWS will eliminate all obstacles by its Cloud Service.

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