Have you heard the news? Marijuana is becoming a multi-billion dollar industry in areas that it’s legal.

That means more people are focusing their efforts on cultivating the very best bud. Have you heard about the process of curing weed? If not, then you need to get informed.

Keep reading to learn all the facts surrounding the curing process and how it creates better buds.

What Does It Mean to Cure Weed?

We all know that marijuana can be homegrown. But while it appears simple on the surface, it’s complicated to grow good weed. Here’s how the basic growing process goes:

  1. Choosing a seed
  2. Germinating the seed
  3. Cultivating and growing
  4. Harvesting
  5. Drying and curing

Any person can follow this basic process to grow a marijuana plant. These efforts won’t pay off, though, unless you’re careful at each step. How do you make potent marijuana worthy of a medical-grade stamp?

Expert growers argue that the key lies within curing cannabis the right way. Curing means prepping the plant for long-term storage. Are you wondering how to cure weed and why it’s important? Get the details below.

Developing the Best Curing Strategy

The point of curing is to remove bacteria from the plant and keep it fresh. Does weed go bad if you don’t cure it? After getting picked, cannabis begins degrading in the same way other plants do.

Curing ensures residual components get removed before consumption. Failing to cure won’t destroy your buds, but it will make them less flavorful and harsher. Here’s how to cure those buds the right way:

  • Dry your buds for 1 or 2 weeks
  • Remove the larger stems
  • Place buds in a container (Mason jars work best)
  • Put the containers in a cool, dark place
  • Open the lids of the containers several times a day to allow moisture to escape

When done the right way, these buds should be good for up to six months.

Does Curing Weed Make It Stronger?

Expert growers say curing makes marijuana more potent. Weed that’s harsh and doesn’t provide a good buzz is the result of poor curing. Loud weed, though, is potent, powerful, and high-quality.

How will you know if you did a good job? Many say you can tell by the smell.

What does weed smell like? Sub-par weed doesn’t have a strong smell. It often smells like literal dirt, grass, or hay. Good weed will have a distinct, strong odor. It smells sweet, rich, and a lot like citrus.

Are you interested to know how well your final product turned out? Consider doing a THC potency test on your buds to see your results first hand.

To Cure or Not to Cure

Curing weed is a significant step in the cultivation process that deserves attention. If you want good buds, then you need to invest time into curing them.

Remember, laws surrounding the cannabis industry remain in a constant state of flux. To avoid potential criminal charges, you must stay on top of the newest laws.

Navigate over to our Law section to get informed on the latest developments.

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