First of all let’s define what a personal injury is, in legal terms.  A personal injury can be either emotional abuse or physical. If you need to sue someone for personal damages then you’ll need a good lawyer on your team.  

The key here is to be wary of many of them.  There are shysters out there in this world that are just looking for a quick buck.  You’ve seen the cheesy commercials in the middle of the night I’m sure.  Remember personal injury cases are very specialized and you need to find a lawyer that really knows the terrain.  

Get Specific

You don’t want to choose any old lawyer.  You want one who deals with personal injury cases on a regular basis.  Many lawyers are certified to practice law yes, however, most of them aren’t in tune with the personal injury world.  These cases can be quite complex and you’ll need someone who can navigate through those complexities.

Make A Case Log

Before you start looking for a personal injury lawyer get a notebook and start a case log.  Write down everything that is going on.  The injury itself, plus the defendant and anything you know about them.  You’ll also use this log to document the meetings of your potential lawyers as well.


You need to grab every piece of documentation you can find that has anything to do with your case.  Leave no stone unturned here, this will come in handy at some point.


Now it’s time to vet the lawyers you are looking at.  Make appointments for consultations as soon as you can.  When you are in the meetings take notes in your case log.  After that, it’s time to ponder your decision and choose the lawyer that you feel most confident in.

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