Knowing when to buy your wardrobe list is important, but knowing what to buy, and what your closet essentials are, is more important. Shopping is a weakness for many. It is common to find yourself in financial predicaments from time to time because you have the urge to shop and shop some more.

One of the best ways to shop within the budget is to shop at sales. this will help you save your money and still remain stylish. 

The following are several secrets that will not only ensure that you have what you need from your wardrobe list, but that you will do so without breaking the bank.

Closet Essentials: Inner Wear

There are certain items that no closet should miss. Undergarments like boxers, bras, and innerwear, in general, are wardrobe basics, whether you are fashionable or not. Innerwear can make or break the look you desire to achieve.

With these facts in mind, splurge a little. These pieces are incredibly important, and you will always need them. Hence, the reason you need to shop our boxers and get good quality and long-lasting items.

Inner beauty and comfort are just as important as outer beauty.

Shoes and Bags

Before you think, “I am a man and I don’t have a problem shopping, think again.” Shoes and bags are necessary for any outfit, whether it is an official suit, a beautiful dinner dress or tux, or just ordinary gym clothes. The shoes you wear as a man or woman will either elevate your outfit or kill your whole look.

Every woman deserves to have a nice pair of boots, they are timeless, very comfortable, and can go with most of the items in the wardrobe. Bags are equally important to the outfit and the occasion, regardless of the sex.

As a man, you do not have to carry a bag, but it does not hurt to have a nice piece for your laptop, work documents, or your gym attire. Do not hesitate to splurge on good quality shoes and handbags because they can give you the perfect finish to your outfit.


It is incredibly important to have different accessories for different outfits and occasions. A simple necklace and nice pair of earrings can turn your outfit from just okay to absolutely fabulous. A nice belt and elegant watch can work wonders for a man with a cheap suit.

It is not what you wear; It is how you wear it, and the confidence with which you wear these items.

Ask any fashionable person, they will tell you the same.

Jackets and Scarves

When it comes to jackets and scarves, feel free to spend on them, but within your budget. You should look good but still eat and have a roof over your head. With jackets and scarves, you are sure that the weather will change at some point during the year.

Why shop every year for the same items, while you can buy quality jackets and scarves that will last for years and years. Jackets and scarves are classic wardrobe staples.

The point here is to let you know which items you should splurge on, and what you should not splurge on. Now that you know where most of your money is going, the remaining amount in your budget needs to go to the rest of the stuff that you need.

Unfortunately, you cannot wear a jacket and accessories to work without a dress or a shirt and pants. With these remaining items, wait for sales, buy small because eventually, you will need a new one and the old item will become history. You do not necessarily need to look for money to buy these items.

They are fashion staples, but affordable fashion staples.


A woman will never have enough dresses. We all need a little black dress, a white semi-little dress, a brown long dress, basically, all types of dresses. Weirdly, you might have a little black dress and still feel the need to buy seven more.

Hence the reason why when it comes to dresses, buy them during a sale. Feel free to buy a brand that is not necessarily extravagant or ridiculously expensive. Do not go all out or splurge on dresses, they are important, but that does not mean they should be expensive.

T-shirts and Jeans

One of the most important staples in your closet is jeans. What better to pair some blue jeans than a nice t-shirt? You need a couple of t-shirts to pair with your nice pair of jeans or wear on a casual day.

As long as it is a nice common t-shirt or a well-fitting pair of jeans, you are good to go. Do not break your bank or anything else for that matter because you need a t-shirt or a pair of jeans. Again, they are both wardrobe essentials, but they don’t have to be top shelf.

Buy Prints

Prints are in! Pair them the right way and you are good to go. Steer off busy prints.

Spend a reasonable amount on a classic print. But because they are somewhat limiting, the amount of money you spend on them should be extremely reasonable.

Gym Clothes

It is important to keep fit but it is equally important to spend reasonably when it comes to the proper gym attire. There are brands that have good quality items at very affordable prices.

Considering they are of use in the gym and maybe when taking a walk or running in the park, it is vital that they are within budget and a reasonable number as well. Be on the lookout for stores that offer great discounts or have a sale from time to time; it will save you a good amount of money.

Do you Have All your Closet Essentials?

Well if you do, you will still need to buy more, because well, we are humans and we love shopping. If you do have all the fashion staples and closet essentials, you now know what to splurge on, and what to postpone. Feel free to customize the list to fit your schedule.

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