Over the last few years, there has been a subsequent increase in the number of smart devices around us. These devices are connected with each other through the Internet of Things technology. In the past, we have seen this next- gen technology benefitting almost all arenas of our life including smart homes, energy conservation, waste management, better traffic regulation and so on. However, one of the lesser discussed areas is the Internet of Things technology in the entertainment industry. With IoT making its way into the world of entertainment, we can subtly call it connected entertainment!!

With the introduction of Internet of Things technology in the entertainment world, there are going to be well- connected as well as interactive networks formed between viewers as well as the entertainment platforms. The benefit of this is in the fact that there is now increased scope for the world of entertainment to accumulate as much as customer insight as possible in an attempt to generate technologies as well as programs which will be loved as well as appreciated by one and all. Creating a better and more responsive platform for the viewers, they can have direct interaction with the offerings made to them and this in turn will benefit the connected entertainment industry in bringing up better and more viewer- friendly content.


Internet of Things in Connected Entertainment: IoT in Entertainment Industry


Internet of Things and Connected Entertainment


When IoT will be making it presence felt in the entertainment industry, it is to be noted that it will be requiring cloud solutions for the purpose of enabling the analysis of large chunks of data that all the connected devices will be transmitting as well as processing among one another. This will make the service providers in the world of entertainment to take advantage of the data sources that are making use of the Internet of Things technology due to its ability to accumulate big data! This thoughtful usage of IoT will make sure that there is better understanding being perceived as well as timely responses being provided to the viewers in an attempt to understand their needs better. In the meanwhile, there will also be the need for high- quality resources as well as tools which will be capable of handling the influx of data points that will be sharing information and data through the network formed by the Internet of Things technology.

One of the peculiar advantages of creating a cloud- based IoT platform is that it can be used for the purpose of creating a common layer of interaction which will allow communication to take place between the consumers as well as the entertainment program. This in itself is a very efficient and fool-proof way of making sure that both the consumers/ viewers and the organizations generating the entertainment content are well connected during all times.

Xbox One connected Entertainment home console
Xbox One connected Entertainment console User Interface

Have you ever thought how channels are capable of recording the viewership as well as the TRPs of a certain program? Well, the dishes, satellite connections and remotes that you are using every day are all connected together with sensors and wireless connection peripherals which notify the creators of a particular entertainment program regarding the exact number of people who are watching their content, which is a great way of ensuring its popularity as well as likability. With the IoT technology, there will be more wireless connections of this sort and hence there will be more interaction of this order between the consumers as well as the entertainment industry.

Park Associates Connected Entertainment usage chart
Source: Park Associates

Using IoT for generating customer insights

  • On the basis of predictions

With the help of the Internet of Things technology, predictions can be made to anticipate the behaviour of the consumers in order to provide them with more intelligent programs and entertaining content in the future. For instance, a consumer has just come home after watching a cricket match and from the IoT sensors and devices deployed in his car and his house, data can be collected regarding his preferences and the same will come handy in providing him with more such programs that lie within his field of interest.


  • On the basis of situations

By analysing the situations their consumers are in, entertainment industry will be able to make use of data and devices for tracking their behaviour and performance throughout the day. This information can then be used for providing consumers with the kind of entertainment content that will be most appropriate to showcase on the basis of their current behaviour and mood.

Both these perspectives when combined together can pave way for intuitive and more automated entertainment suggestions to be made for the viewers, both movies as well as music, whichever will be suiting their current situation/ mood. Internet of Things and other cloud- based resources can create a rapidly growing environment where the exchange and analysis of data will make sure that there is better interaction and availability of entertaining stuff between the viewers and the entertainment industry.

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