Center for Process Innovation is a world fame scientific technology centre based in Wilton, Cleveland, United Kingdom. It was established in 2003 by the UK Government agency. It helps corporates to adopt innovative changes smoothly, maintains a supply chain of UK manufacturers and also approves the packaging system based on Near-field Communication (NFC) technology.


The duration of the project “SCOPE” is three years and is aimed to build the capacity and skill which is required for commercialization and for positioning of the  products manufactured by UK, who provides one of the world’s smartest printed censored products, at the top.

With the coming of IoT, each and everyday, new technology is passing through and trying to make its place among a number of contradictions. Some of these are RFID and NFC. An emergency technology which creates a NFC chip is called NFC device. NFC is a technology which is used in smart phones or is activated by NFC reader. The collected data can be transferred between the devices.

The tag product of NFC is able to use printable electronics and also able to accomplish a high volume but low cost products with adequate geometries. The products which are printed as NFC will be capable of using the host of application which provides the contest among the logistically tracked or authorized products, the data which provides anti-tempering control and also the information which manages the product’s important data.

The main goal of the project named “SCOPE” is to evolve the equipment, new processes and applications for highly constructing (billions or even trillions) of the printed electronics devices that are linked with NFC.

There is a huge chance to expand a  new innovative and noble functional design and utilization in this product; at the same time the specialist buildings are capable of specialized skills. Some exclusive techniques have been used to meet all the requirements of NFC tag.

More than 14 partners are there of the consortium all over the UK. Moreover the number one end-user is there in Unilever, Crown Packaging,and Hasbro, along with the top most supplier companies like Andrews &Wykeham and Mercian Labels. Besides that complementary technical expertise are affiliated with the consortium.

The project has been broadcasted by The British Print Industry Federation (BPIF) with providing the appropriate feedback of the world’s technical and electronics market.

A number of applications like fast moving consuming goods, security of computer games has looked after under the project. There are healthcare, defense and transport applications too.

Now the first hand concept of the project is to develop the low cost, high volume, printed the packaging brands and the movable consuming goods.

Mr Mike Clausen,the programme manager at CPI has commented on the project. Mr Clausen said that the whole innovation value chain has come under a roof just because of this project which provides the initial platform to all end users who are eager to develop their next generation based of packaging concept. It is expected that the consortium will soon make an outstanding progress  and the NFC products will be able to meet the requisites of all the consumers through out the world.

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