Nedaa, the most recognized security service provider of Dubai Government and Esharah Etisalat Security Solutions have selected Nokia to get new technology for creating smart cities. 5G IoT-enabled platform will upgrade the smart city with a lot of excellent options for people to have different types of innovative features including  maximum bandwidth voice, video and data management applications.


Nokia Upgrade Dubai Smart City with 5G Platform

This 5G project must have international security solution with the core, radio accessibility, IP/MPLS, optical and microwave backhauling network. These ultra modern networking resources with IoT backup will be helpful to people to solve the complicated technical issues in the matter of doing intercommunication. Esharah Etisalat Security Solutions have been empowered by Nedaa to supervise the entire network development and installation process in Dubai for the next two years.

Nokia Ensures Much Powerful City Security with Innovative Technology

Nokia must have a good rapport with the  government of Dubai when it owns up to the responsibility of decorating the smart city with it’s developed and appreciated 5G technology.  In this way, there will be much powerful security systems to protect common denizens of Dubai. People in Dubai will feel comfortable and safe during their stays in this modern emirate. In this connection, Yousif Al Ali, Nedaa CTO has made awe-inspiring remarks by appreciating the total effort of Nokia to build up Dubai  Emirate by supplying more innovative technology to ensure the proper city security.

Mansour BuOsaiba, CEO of Esharah Etisalat Security Solutions has obtained permission to work with Nokia in building up the city of Dubai for better life care and protection. A spokesperson of this company has expressed his joy by stating that it is a nice thing for management and its employees to under the venture with Nokia. There will be a good exchange of innovative thoughts and ideas how to upgrade the city brilliantly. In the era of the  internet of things, Dubai will be a leading city with world class security system.

Nokia is the forerunner in an IoT networking system with excellent performance track record. This company will help Dubai government to renovate the smart city, introducing a hi-tech 5G solution.   In the field of 4G, Nokia has already strengthened up its own position. It will be a golden era for people in Dubai. In the near future, this emirate will be peerless, and unbeaten to cope with any advanced city in foreign countries. Dubai must be an international smart city which will be connected with such a powerful IoT network. With the running pace of time, it’s expected that more and more innovations will splurge up, making the city even more promising as well as dashing. According to the specialists, this exclusive era has not made its emergence in one day. Rather, top-end initiatives were taken by the honchos to make it happen even faster. According to them, more astonishments are awaiting as well.

Source: Nokia

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