Out of a great variety of gaming chairs, choosing the right one is crucial. There are numerous expensive gaming chairs in the market to choose the best.

After their emergence in 2006, gaming chairs were considered more like a spectacle, not a must-have item in a gamer’s room. However, that is not the case today. Every gaming enthusiast undertakes an extensive search in trying to find the perfect gaming chair for him or her.

Be it an expensive gaming chair, or a relatively cheaper one, gaming chairs’ claim to fame is the comfort and healthy back support they provide to gamers who use them, which is mostly all the time.

Choosing the most expensive gaming chair in the market is not the same if you are finding the best gaming chair for you.

Gaming chairs come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. There are several types of gaming chairs, each type having unique specifications. Purchasing an expensive gaming chair is not as easy as it seems.

Why does one gaming chair break the bank but the other one doesn’t? Let’s find out the difference between a cheaper and an expensive gaming chair.

Difference Between A Cheaper And Expensive Gaming Chair

Expensive Gaming Chair

On average, a typical expensive gaming chair will cost at least $300, with prices going all the way up to the thousands.

Cheaper gaming chairs usually cost around under $200.

Why is there such a stark contrast in prices? What does each price set offer?

The difference is the additional features you get when you pay more for an expensive gaming chair.

Superior Leather

Leather is the biggest and most identifiable change when it comes to looking closely at an expensive gaming chair.

An expensive gaming chair is upholstered with PU leather; a high-quality synthetic leather that gives a smooth finish. It is breathable and highly comfortable, and it provides robustness as well since it does not wear off or lose colors compared to other leather products.

Cheap gaming chairs use faux leather. The downside to faux leather, as compared to PU leather, is produced by its uncomfortableness. Faux leather gets hot quickly and is known to be suffocating for someone who sits on it for numerous hours on end. It is also known for wear and tear.

A common problem in terms of leather, concerning cheaper gaming chairs, is how their leather peels away after some time. The gaming chair looks unpleasant and unrepresentable.

Padding Brings Comfort And An Expensive Feel

No one wants to buy a chair that is hard and brittle to sit on. When it comes to gaming chairs, a superior padding experience adds to comfort the most.

Good quality padding along with a similar quality leather provides the user with the ultimate gaming experience.

An expensive gaming chair is bolstered with cold cure foam padding. This is a type of padding that is used in high-end furniture products, generally being used in the furniture industry.

A cold cure foam padding is known for its compressional resistance. It can withstand lengthy durations of astounding pressure without losing its shape or getting deflated. After you stand up from a 6-hour gaming spree, you will see the padding springing back to life.

The quality of the padding, the comfort it offers, and shape retention will remain as good as new for years. Typically, this newness of an expensive gaming chair that has been padded with cold cure foam padding usually lasts for 5-6 years.

Cheap padding is done by stock col foam blends. A common practice in cheap padding is to use different kinds of padding on a single; whichever kind is available.

This type of padding, after some time, gets wrinkly, loses its shape, and deflates down. When the leather deflates, there is an apparent air space in between the padding and the leather at the outer level of the surface. This creates an unpleasant look, and you can hold the leather in your fingers.

Adjustable Armrests To Provide The Best Gaming Posture

An expensive gaming chair comes with 3 dimensional or 4D arm support. This allows an expensive gaming chair to be highly moveable, adjustable, and comfortable. With more adjustability options, 3D and 4D armrests provide you with extensive back support and muscle support since the chair transforms its mainframe according to your seating posture and style.

With cheaper gaming chairs, you will usually get 1D or 2D armrests. Although this movement functionality works for most people, it creates possibilities of straining your back and your posture. From a muscular, skeletal standpoint, doctors have argued how sitting in one position can produce chances of back pain.

Tilt Mechanism

Expensive gaming chairs are geared with two levers below the seat. One lever is used for adjusting the height, whereas the other locks the seat at different angles, according to what is required by the gamer.

Every gamer approaches gaming differently and has seating preferences that dictate their style of play and performance. This added adjustability has offered gamers more seating choices, at their preferred height and angle.

Gamers have given extensive feedback regarding how this comfortable and holistic feature attracts them into paying more money for the added adjustability.

Cheaper chairs come with a single lever that allows you to lock your chair at a certain angle. There is no mode to adjust the height, angles, and so on. Cheaper gaming chairs limit a gamer’s moveable functionality, leading to a loss in consumer satisfaction through gaming performance.

The Best Of The Best

Herman Miller Embody

The most expensive gaming chair in the market, considered to be the best of the best, is Herman Miller Embody priced at $1495.

Having massage capabilities, the main attraction of this esteemed chair is its pixelated backrest.

Our Remarks

You can find several gaming chairs with several price tags. It is generally true that higher prices provide a better choice. However, paying more is not always the best option.

You can pay less, and still manage to claim high value from the gaming chair. It all depends on your budget, your gaming experience, your gaming durations, and your responsibilities.

If you are a professional gamer, purchasing an expensive gaming chair is highly recommended because this acquisition will give you more value in the long run in terms of a good seating posture, fewer back strains, a comfortable experience, and durability.

If you are a student or a professional who barely does gaming two times in a week or on the weekend when you find time, then it is usually a better option not to opt for gaming chairs that go above $400. The excluded features like 3D and 4D armrests, superior padding, and leather, will not critically affect you.

Foldable Gaming Chair

Full-size gaming chairs have better ergonomics, offering you the best comfort a gaming chair can offer. However, foldable gaming chairs have immense utility as they do not take up massive spaces and are not bulky as compared to other full-size gaming chairs.

A foldable gaming chair is an extremely practical option for gamers living in tight spaces, such as a studio apartment or a small room. There are tons and tons of such people out there, and the practicality of a foldable gaming chair is great for them.

The best is X Rocker Pro Series. Apart from the X Rocker Pro Series, there are many other options.

Custom Gaming Chair

Custom Gaming Chair

A custom gaming chair is a highly customizable item. It is usually made from scratch as per the wishes of its owner. Most enthusiastic gamers buy custom-built chairs.

With a custom gaming chair, the possibilities are endless. You can create a chair completely according to your preferences and liking. Custom gaming chairs can also be a perfect gift for your loved ones as you engrave their or your name on the chair.

Imagination knows no bounds when it comes to custom-built gaming chairs.

Here is a custom gaming chair that will surprise you.

Baseball Glove

Sit inside a baseball with this uniquely designed gaming chair. The baseball glove is big enough to cover and support your entire body.

This chair is full of all the amenities you get in the very best gaming chairs, such as armrests, superior padding, and more.

Gaming Massage Chair

Gaming chairs do not get any better than this. A gaming massage chair lets you enjoy gaming to the fullest as its massage capabilities provide the ultimate relaxation state for you.

Typically, gamers spend loads of hours sitting in one position. This continuous sitting develops back sores and causes discomfort in the form of back pain. A gaming massage chair helps with this problem by applying continuous pressure all around your body to keep it from developing sores.

Now, we will look at some of the best gaming massage chairs in the market today.

PC Gaming Chair Racing Office Chair

This chair is a spectacle. It comes with a remote-controlled massaging system. Its ease of usage, through the remote-controlled massaging system, allows this chair to be completely user-friendly.

The added feature is the footrest that allows gamers to even rest on the chair after a long day.

Video Gaming Chair Racing Recliner

This uniquely built gaming chair has an ergonomic design that covers every relevant part of the body.

Lumbar support, headrest, and backrest are all available features of this gaming chair.

It has massage capabilities installed in the back area, allowing an altogether comfortable massage experience.

Fortnite Gaming Chair

Fortnite Gaming Chair

There are several gaming chair companies. Amongst these is Respawn, a brand that develops and creates gaming chairs for Fortnite.

A proper Fortnite gaming chair has to include all the relevant gaming chair features which we just discussed. It should have a proper ergonomic trait that gives the gamer complete back and rear support.

A specialized feature for a Fortnite gaming chair is its armrests. Since Fortnite players usually hold a controller, they need a well-placed and comfortable armrest that has 3D or 4D capabilities.

Respawn Raven-Xi Fortnite Gaming Chair

This Fortnite gaming chair is highly reclinable. It possesses backrests and ergonomic lumbar support.

It is padded with cold cure foam padding, the padding in the business. The footrest is a bonus, allowing you to lay back and relax.

The best feature of Respawn Raven, in our opinion, is its aesthetic appeal. A dark uniform color gives the gaming chair a bold character.

Respawn Omega-Xi Fortnite Gaming Chair

A unique contrast of purple and gray, along with exceptional stitching, makes it a good buy for any age group. It also has plenty of ergonomic support.

The best thing about Respawn Omega-Xi is the value for money it provides. With relatively lower prices, you get all the amenities on offer by a $1000+ gaming chair, including a footrest.

RGB Gaming Chair

An RGB gaming chair has the added feature of lighting. Although lighting is simply for aesthetics, there are instances where it has immense application for the player as well. For example, the lighting will turn red if the in-game character’s health is low.

A good RGB gaming chair should have all the features of a typically well-rounded gaming chair along with added lighting capabilities through LED lighting.

X Rocker RGB Gaming Chair

After viewing user feedback, reviews, and features, it is safe to say that this gaming chair received only positive reviews. In application terms, this is one of the most capable gaming chairs in the market today.

Galactix Dual RGB Gaming Chair

This is by far the best self-illuminating chair in the market today. It has all the features offered by the best competition, and so much more.

A remote control allows you to change RGB lighting, it has extra padding and leatherwork to boost comfort, and it has a 350lbs average weight capacity.

This strong and competent gaming chair is your best option if you are willing to spend more than the average consumer.

Before going into buying a gaming chair, think about your budget and the features you would wish to buy. This article highlights the different types of gaming chairs you can explore but in the market, you will find a lot more options than what the article explores. Hence, do your research by narrowing down your options according to the features you prefer and the budget you have.

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