Multi-national Chinese electronics goods for home appliances Haier signed a deal with another multinational Intesis Software from 15 to 18 March.  The partnership deal was signed between Mrs. Wang Li, the division director of Haier Air Conditioning and the CEO of Intesis Software Mr.Josep Cerón in Mostr aConvegno Expo comfort, Milan, France,  with the presence of delegates of the  both companies.

According to the deal, KNX connectivity will be provided adequately by the Haier Group for its newly launched product Intesis Box Air Conditioning devices. But the question is what a KNX is all about? A standardisation of OSI –based communication protocol is known as KNX. It is a combination of three previous standards of the gateway.

They are the European Home Systems Protocol (EHS), BatiBUS, and the European Installation Bus (EIB or Instabus). KNX is used worldwide to control home and building. It also provides some security to lighting as well as air-conditions. It provides other security system too. Today KNX is an autonomous standard and popular to more than 400 companies in various countries.

Haier bagged a huge number of international manufacturers of Air Conditioning systems. On the other hand they have already turned over in Intesis Box solutions for the assimilation of air conditioners with the help of the main standards for home and building control like KNX which is a Modbus and BACnet among others.

This affiliation becomes so fruitful for Haeir Group that a huge number of international manufacturers of Air Conditioning systems have been provided to the company. And it is about to deplete all the Air condition companies. As a result, a number of countries are interested in using their products and the good news is that Intesis develops and manufactures solutions for home and building automation have already sold out over 90 countries.

IntesisBox is the brand which becomes the portal to retail the home and building systems integration. Other popular bands of Intesis Software are IntesisHome which is a complete system in the cloud for climate control via one’s smartphone, tablet or computer. But all these are completely different from the air conditioners. Moreover there is another latest mobile app named “Houseinhand”. This app is specially launched from controlling and auto installing the KNX and is suitable for iOS and Android smart phones.

Haier is the Chinese multinational appliance brand which is retailing specially home appliances and also manufactures mobile phones and air conditions. QingdaoShandong province, China is the place where the company has its headquarter. According to Euro monitor data release 2014 it has grabbed the world’s largest market share in white goods. This is the 6th time consistently the brand holds its position as the leader of major appliances.

It persuades its influence across the world. Total 29 manufacturing plants, 6 industrial parks are there in Europe, North America, Asia, Middle East and Africa. Moreover an R&D centre is there  in Nuremberg, Germany and Campodoro. Refrigerator factory in Italy serves as the another feather of its reputed hat. It will walk a long way and its success can be imagined easily.

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