The simple truth is that any higher-level role that pays well across all sectors requires excellent interpersonal skills. This is because senior roles with high salaries usually involve managing people.

If you do not develop the skills, more specifically your interpersonal skills, you will find it hard to lead your team effectively and forge close working bonds with them. In addition, you may find a lack of interpersonal skills makes it tough for people to warm to you and hinders effective communication.

These people skills are not just important in career terms when thinking about leading teams or managing people. They are also important when dealing with stakeholders, customers or the public in general. But just how can you develop your interpersonal skills to access more senior and better paid roles?

Online Learning Is A Great Starting Point to Develop The Skills

online learning There is no doubt that online learning is one of the best places to start your journey. This has been a real innovation in the whole education sector and another example of how digital technology has transformed our lives. One example that sums this up perfectly is how those within nursing can use online education to help them access higher-paying roles.

As the list of famous nurses throughout history shows, interpersonal skills are key in this industry and can really help you move up in it. It’s also something that’s certain to be a key part of any nursing degree’s syllabus and Baylor University’s Doctor of Nursing Practice program is certainly no exception as it prepares graduates to take on leadership roles and shape patient outcomes.

Of course, this same idea is also true for working professionals in other industries who need to pick up better interpersonal skills in their spare time. Online learning is also a convenient, great value way to develop people skills if you are looking to switch careers and go straight in at a higher level in your new sector.

Develop The Skills: Practice Makes Perfect

While online courses can help hone your interpersonal skills and see you move up the career ladder, they are not the only way. It is also true to say that practicing them can really help and is pretty easy to do.

As interpersonal skills are all about interacting positively with other people, simply talking with friends and family can help you get better at this. If you are a working professional already looking to make the next step up in your career, you could attend networking events to practice interacting with people or make a concerted effort to get better at dealing with people in your current role.

One good tip is to try practicing how you engage with people in situations that may be difficult. This is often something you must do in better paid roles but is not always easy. By role-playing this kind of situation with colleagues, friends, or family, you should start to feel comfortable handling them effectively.

While this can all be done in person, online technology can also help. Video call platforms, for example, provide a way to practice your interpersonal skills online and are one example of how tech can assist you in this area. Just as smart tech can boost your home’s value, the latest digital technologies can also help when improving key soft skills.

Develop The Skills: Evaluate Your Strengths, Weaknesses, and Interactions

Evaluate your strengthsAnother great tip for developing your interpersonal skills is evaluation. This can really help take your interactions up a notch and see you ready to move into higher-paid roles as a result. But how exactly does this work?

The best place to begin is taking a good look at your strengths and weaknesses in this area. For example, do you communicate well and do you show good emotional intelligence? Once you have drawn up a list of what you could improve on and where you currently shine, ask friends, family and colleagues for their opinion. You may be surprised to find their thoughts differ from yours. This can prove very important, as it shows you how you come across to other people and where you could improve.

It is also a great idea to evaluate your interactions with other people — both in the real world and when practicing your people skills. After a positive interaction, look at why you think it went well and remember this to use in the future. If the interaction did not go well, look at why this might be the case and try to get feedback from the other person if possible.

Why is accessing highly paid roles worth the effort?

Now we have looked at why these skills are key for the best-paid jobs across all sectors and how to hone them, you may still be wondering why moving into more highly-paid positions is such a big deal.

In simple terms, these roles give you more money to look after your family, pay the bills and buy groceries. Without enough money coming in each month, life can soon become a real struggle. On top of this, roles with larger salaries can also give you more money to save, more cash for treats and more money to invest.

It is not just money that makes highly paid jobs worth seeking out though. Roles with high salaries can be more interesting, come with more status and be more rewarding to work in. This is because you can see your career progressing and get a real buzz from this.

In addition, the tasks you perform in higher-level, higher-paid roles are less mundane and often a lot more interesting to carry out. Of course, if you enjoy being in charge and leading people, highly paid roles are the perfect place to be!

Develop The Skills: Interpersonal skills key for higher-paid jobs

Interpersonal skillsIf you want to move into more highly paid roles, excellent interpersonal skills are vital. Without these in place, you will find it tough to access these kinds of positions — whichever industry you work in or plan to move into. As a result, finding ways to develop the skills in this area is something to focus on.

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