There is no denying in the fact that Internet of Things is a bigger than life idea of bringing together all the devices and objects around us into a common network. This seemingly inevitable convergence of the physical world with the IoT technology will give us the power to virtually connect all our objects and devices through sensors, network connectivity as well as software which would make it possible for these devices to transmit information and data among one another.

One of the most peculiar features of IoT is that it will make technology a more powerful tool for consumers, which in turn will pave way for increased customer engagement as well as customer satisfaction.

How will IoT influence Digital Marketing?

Brands, online retailers and ecommerce businesses these days are seen making the use of technology for reaching their consumer base from anywhere and everywhere. Right from selecting and purchasing their desired products to notifying their grievances, internet has literally given all the power to its users. While many people argue that the introduction of IoT will hamper the traditional forms of marketing, the truth is that the root cause of technological reform is to make human lives easier and with IoT, online markets are trying to achieve the same!!

An important example of the Internet of Things technology revolutionizing Digital Marketing is the Amazon Tide button. With this button present in a consumer’s house, they can use it whenever they want and as frequently as they want; hence giving a very tough competition to other brands while at the same time fulfilling all purposes of the consumer without even stepping out of their house.


How exactly will Internet of Things revolutionize Digital Marketing?

While in the past, we had to walk past all the aisles in a store to buy vegetables and grocery, the same can be done now without even lifting a finger, all thanks to the Internet of Things technology. IoT gives us the power to make a single commodity our sole trusted brand by lifting all burdens related to making choices among brands and not to forget its cost- effectiveness!!

Internet of things has also helped digital marketing in developing a direct connect with the audiences which is free from time, security as well as location constraints. For instance, you are running out of milk in your refrigerator and there is a button which automatically places order for milk with just one click on your mobile phone. Comparing this scenario with what we have been taught to do so far, we had to check for milk and then run to a grocery store to refill our supplies. Here, the company that supplies milk will undoubtedly see a massive increase in its sales as well as develop a lifelong customer base with the users not having to think about the brand of milk they want to purchase every other day. This way the customers stick to a single milk brand for their entire lifetime, which is certainly a win- win for the producer as well. Not to forget the money that customers will save since they do not need to spend on fuel and customer acquisitions in case of offline marketing.

Over time, we have realized that our craving for surfing the internet every now and then is here to stay in the long run and this makes it necessary for digital marketing to adapt to whatever means of communication consumers are using online.

Advantages of Internet of Things meeting Digital Marketing

  • Boon for ecommerce

Desktop as well as mobile commerce are taking the internet by storm and the most crucial driving force of mobile marketing is the fact that people have complete access to their mobile phones as well as the internet during all times. With the introduction of IoT, customers will be able to develop a relation with the ecommerce merchants directly from their host devices.


  • Increase in omni- channel customers

If you think that your customers are not able to connect with your online market place due to the constraints of cross- channel connectivity via email, mobile devices, social media, broadcasting and your online website, you will be elate to know that Internet of Things will give them the power to interact with all your ecommerce services directly from each and every device that is deployed in their homes as well as workplaces.


  • Big data gets bigger

Ecommerce marketers have access to complete information regarding the interests and habits of their customers, however, IoT will make it possible for them to analyse and harvest the data. With data getting bigger with each passing day, Internet of Things will bring together all the connected devices using which online merchants can communicate better with the customers while also gathering more information from multiple data centres and devices. This will further assist them in providing their customer base with enhanced services in the coming times.

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