Well, the most honest thing about this is no one knows.  And forget friends, I wish I had a better proclamation than that.  But, we are all here together aren’t we? So let’s get into it.

Life insurance policies are a dime a dozen and if you grew up when I did you might even have had a person knock on your door actually trying to sell one.  And then your mother gave them the business.

Alright enough with the fun stuff, let’s get down to business, Marshall Mathers and Andre Young will attest.

Life is a fragile thing.  Life insurance is delicate if not downright risky if you understand where I’m coming from?  It’s mostly BS at the end of the day. However, if you make the right call it can all work in your favor.

I can run down the list of K Street troglodytes that use life insurance to their own end, on your tax money, but that’s a moot point.  Let’s get into something that isn’t so silent or “not-heard” about.

Real Life Insurance

Is there such a thing?  I’m personally skeptical.  Come with me on this journey to find out.

If you don’t have a family or someone who is in your personal care then getting a life insurance policy probably isn’t something you should be thinking about.  However, if you do have a family you should take these steps to protect them.

  • Scour The Internet
  • Talk to Other Families
  • Get At Least 3 Quotes
  • Contact life insurance aggregators like Policygenius or Select Quote
  • Make Sure The Agent Can Thoroughly Explain The Policy
  • Ask a Lot of  Questions
  • Don’t Over Buy
  • Review Policy Relevance and Alway Check for Updates
  • Think of it as Non-Negotiable and a Fixed Expense
  • Don’t Be Overwhelmed

That last one can be easy to say, and not so easy to do, but seriously don’t get overwhelmed.  If the life insurance quote process is too much for you, I genuinely suggest contacting one of the big life insurance policy aggregators like Policygenius or Select Quote.  Its like Trivago, Kayak or Travelocity for people searching for a life insurance policy.  They do all the work finding companies that offer life insurance, then those companies fight for your business.  Most often when there is a lot of competition, the price is better for the consumer.

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