Obesity and weight gain are on the rise. It’s estimated that 108 million Americans are presently on a diet and the majority of them diet four to five times a year.

Unfortunately, some diets promise quick weight loss. However, the healthiest way is to achieve slow and steady weight loss. You should lose 1 to 2 pounds every week.

Are you thinking about how to lose weight slowly? However, the pace is what assists you to maintain weight loss. It also boosts your chances of losing fat.

How to Lose Weight Slowly

The secret is to make a simple lifestyle. Choose foods that are simple to integrate into your day-to-day life. You don’t have to make extreme changes.

Implement slow changes to your exercise and diet. You practice lifetime habits and make healthy eating.

Studies recommend people to lose weight slowly and steadily. Unlike those who lose weight rapidly, it helps to keep your weight under control. Slow weight loss can go for months or years.

Probably, you are researching the best way to lose weight and keep it off. We want to guide you on how to lose weight slowly.

Step 1

Cut any sugar-sweetened beverages. For instance, if you take one 12-ounce per day, you can lose approximately 15 pounds in a year. Substitute sugary drinks with water.

Some studies call it “the number one weight loss choice.” Water is free of calories and boosts metabolism. In the long run, you burn more calories.

Step 2

Get enough sleep of between seven to eight hours every night. Lack of sleep will make you hungrier. It minimizes your impulse control too or it could cause overheating.

Sleep deprivation creates hormones spike. For instance, cortisol is associated with added abdominal fat retention.

Step 3

Add to your diet fiber-rich foods. Studies portray that taking additional 8 fiber grams per 1,000 food calories; you lose approximately 4.5 pounds or more. Exchange low-fiber foods with fiber-rich counterparts.

For instance, eat oranges rather than sipping orange juice. Also, consider feeding on brown rice rather than white rice.

Step 4

Exercise more and focus on getting the moderate-intensity aerobic activity of at least 2.5 hours. An example is jogging every week. The goal of losing weight slowly is burning more calories as compared to those you consume.

That’s where exercise comes in. You can lose about one pound of weight per week.


Probably you are thinking of why you binge eat and how to stop. Try not to eat when distracted or watching TV. Instead, concentrate on your food while you eat. It makes you recognize you aren’t hungry. You avoid overeating.

Bottom Line

I know you are wondering about how to lose weight slowly and steadily. You have come to the right place. Here, we offer you what you need at this time.

Before you commence a new exercise regimen, or even change your diet, talk to a doctor. We understand everyone’s body is diverse.

Pre-existing health conditions can impact what works ideally for you. Check out our other articles for more weight loss tips!

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