A few months ago, we began designing a new global IoT Hardware Marketplace which got launched in April. Our marketplace is an online portal where anyone can simply and easily find and purchase the hardware products they need. With access to over ten thousand of products for every stage of an IoT project development, from proof of concept to roll out, the marketplace is here to make it easier for our customers to build and deploy IoT products that solve real problems and create real value.

Hurify’s HUR token is the only medium of exchange accepted on the Marketplace, giving HUR token holders the ability to order from anywhere in the world and take advantage of our partner Arrow’s global fulfillment commitment. Hurify’s HUR token is based on the Ethereum ERC20 token standard.

Additionally, the Hurify platform token incentive system will soon be adding opportunities to earn tokens as rewards to community members that contribute to the value of the ecosystem by providing product reviews of verified purchases, self-produced “how to” educational content and other social goods.

What products are available on the Hardware Marketplace?

From Development Boards to Gateways to Hubs and Switches to Sensors, to Microcontrollers, we are a one-stop click-and-buy-store for all your embedded device needs. Since its launch in April, the Hurify marketplace has built significant momentum. We have over tens of thousands of products for every stage of IoT project development, from proof of concept to roll out. Here’s two of our most popular hardware. For the full list of products browse here.

Why should you buy hardware products from us?

1. Get higher value for your money when you buy from us. HUR tokens are currently valued at a fixed rate for hardware pricing that translates into tremendous opportunities for smart buyers when purchasing through Hurify rather than from other hardware vendors.

2. Free worldwide shipping with no minimum purchase quantity. We will get the product to the place of your choice. All you have to do is take care of the customs duty.

3. Same day shipments with overnight shipping, when an order is placed on Monday — Friday before 9 PM ET. Guaranteed delivery within 7–14 business days.

4. Increased choice with our ‘open often’ model meaning new sellers can join regularly and offer products in one, or many, categories and add new products as new categories are added.

5. Take advantage of our partnerships with leading global companies. We are always pushing for exclusive discounts for our community members and we make those available as soon as we get them with savings codes on hardware components when applicable.

Simplifying your IoT hardware needs

We understand building an IoT product is complex, and that complexity cuts across the tech stack. It is difficult to build an IoT product without dealing with both hardware and software, so we can’t build an IoT platform without doing the same. So, here we are. Hurify aims to provide extraordinary value by connecting customers to the right technology, at the right place, at the right time, and at the right price.

We have a strategic partnership with one of the largest global electronics distribution companies in the world, but that is just the start of our Hurify Platform Marketplace. We are developing more hardware vendor relationships and working with software vendors who will accept HUR tokens in payment for software as a service. In the coming months, we expect to offer other subscription-based opportunities with our partners.

Come to bring your IoT journey to life.

This news originally appeared on Hurify Medium page.

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