There are always plenty of questions related to buying, selling, owning and maintaining vehicles. Here, United Car Care reviews the most common questions asked related to the changes that are happening in the automotive industry due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

1. Can I buy a car right now?

Most states have deemed servicing a car an essential business; however, many have required shutting down the showrooms and sales centers at dealerships. Initially, most car sales stopped altogether except for online sales, but many dealerships have gotten creative with adapting to the circumstances. Some dealers are now offering private test drives in which the car of your choice can be dropped off for you to test drive without a sales representative. Additionally, many are transitioning to online paperwork or having it dropped off at your doorstep for a no-contact signing. Because of the reduction in sales volume, some manufacturers are offering substantial discounts or deferring payments until six months after purchases to drive traffic.

2. I had my eye on a new 2020 model to be released later this year, is that still a possibility?

United Car Care recommends checking with that car manufacturer to confirm. Many manufacturers have halted production entirely or are operating with minimal parts due to a lack of supplies being shipped from China. As a result, that has shifted back estimated release dates on new cars for this year. No one knows yet entirely how long the plants and suppliers will be shut down so that new car might be on hold for a while longer.

3. Should I sell my car right now?

It might not be the ideal environment to sell a car. Sellers must take a few additional precautions and be patient. During these times, it is especially important to ensure the cleanliness of the vehicle. As a seller, you will have to appeal to the buyer’s emotions amidst a pandemic. Key things that may interest buyers are the ability of the car to get them to and from an essential job, cleanliness and in good shape, gas mileage, and transparency. Make sure you have all the necessary paperwork and title for your state as well. If your state requires the transfer of the title to be notarized, closures may delay the sale until services reopen.

4. What should I be doing as a car owner to maintain my car?

The important thing is to not let your car sit idle for too long. If you are working from home during this time, your car may go for days without even being started. The longer a car sits, the more likely the battery will lose charge, tires will create flat spots from resting, belts and wipers can dry, and bugs will lodge themselves in the engine. Dust can also collect on the brakes and cause them to rust. The best thing you can do is take the car out at least once a week for a drive. The drive can be an excellent way to break up the scenery of being stuck at home, a quiet time alone, and a way to keep your car running as it should.

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