Ingenu, the connectivity solution provider to machines and KONCAR INEM, the giant manufacturer of power and industrial electronics have partnered with Shell Nigeria to offer the internet of things (IoT) connectivity in order to facilitate digital oilfield functionalities to shell Nigeria Pipelines. This partnership is being considered to be a remarkable step by the company which can be beneficial almost in every aspect. There has been a huge cost savings of over 1 million, exclusively in infrastructure  costs. Powered by Upland technologies, a consulting and tech services firm of Nigeria has evaluated and made this partnership happen and will also contribute to the operational efficiency of the project.


Digital Oilfield (DOF) has been a great tech solution that maximizes recovery and minimizes unproductive time, and in turn increases profitability. Digital Oilfield makes use of information and technology and designs highly efficient workflows to execute complex task with a simpler approach. The major objective of Digital Oilfield is to increase profitability of oil and gas production by integration of  both engineering and information technologies. Most of the pipelines surveillance and monitoring services in the infrastructures of the Nigerian Delta are executed by Digital Oilfield (DOF).

Before partnering with Ingenu, Shell Nigeria had evaluated all alternatives of communications solutions like (General Packet Radio Service) GPRS, (Short Message Service) SMS, PI, Satellite Communications etc. But these solutions required tons of investments in installations, infrastructure, management, equipments including data communication systems, wireless transmitters, battery points, and radio stations etc.Shell found Ingenu’s network and communication technology to be reliable and cost effective as well. RPMA, otherwise known as Random Phase Multiple Access, is that communication solution from the company built exclusively for wireless communications between machine to machine. According to the company, this network technology is scalable in unlimited way and it can cover up to 300 square miles by a single tower. Ingenu’s all in one network solution RPMA requires lesser equipments, installation and management costs while offering more reliable solution.

President and C.E.O. OF Upland Technologies Mr. Bola Awobamise said that”we had evaluated several communication technologies to offer Shell Nigeria with a solution to change the manual oilfield data collection processes and finally came with this solution.” Mr. Bola also marked the essential requirements while choosing the right tech solution which the technology is able to cover like difficult terrain, powerful output, wide range transmission as well as network scalability, dual communications, and secure data transmission. He believed that Ingenu’s RPMA technology is capable of offering all of these requirements and fulfilling the criteria.

No doubt the wide covering range, unlimited scalability and low energy requirement along with long lasting battery life, machine to machine wireless connectivity with a dual linking capability has made it the best global solution for internet of things.

While on the other hand KONCAR will provide high end power electronics devices which will be then integrated with Ingenus Random Phase Multiple Access technology. Shell Nigeria will be equipped with all field data obtaining resources pertaining to pipeline flow, temperature and pressure.

For better transmission of information KONCAR has installed numerous temperature transmitter, remote terminal units and pressure transmitters in all prime locations including the flow stations and well heads. KONCAR’s equipment and power electronic devices has always been up to the mark with changing time and the devices are compatible with all kinds of technologies.As a company, KONCAR has been serving in the areas of engineering and design, maintenance, testing and development of industrial electronics devices.

Ingenu is now focused on the development of the first totally wireless network of machines to improve connectivity and data transmission and is likely to be the largest one because it shall have a global range.

Shell Nigeria’s partnership with these two giant technology providers will definitely boost up their profitability and growth.

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