Right now, wearable technology with extensive service ranging from smartwatches down to t-shirts, socks and costumes have been prioritized by many people.  They are delighted to use miniature smart wearable accessories with good data transformation system.  IOT enabled watches and other small devices are getting popular. However, comparatively, the wearable devices with IOT backup are much more effective than the compact device compatible application tools.

Recent studies and meticulous probing conducted by Argus have shown that consumers are really happy with smart wearable devices. However, they are not much happier when they transform data to other devices using different application tools. They want more compactness and integration in using these application platforms to get more benefits.

Wearable Devices Need More Innovative Applications

On the basis of analysis completed, around 136,000 reviews by consumers put emphasis on the proper integration of associated application features of branded devices. The wearable devices will be much appreciated by customers if the application tools are more competitive, innovative and incorporated into a multi-directional platform to enable a user to use different applications through a single integrated platform.

Nike and Jawbone Apps Doing Good While Fitbit Trailing Behind

In an updated press release, it has been proved that Nike and Jawbone apps are getting countless rewards and good ratings from consumers.  At the same time, Fit-bit, Samsung and other reliable device compatible application tools are not getting credit from customers.  The reasons of discontentment include the trouble in data transmission, technical drawbacks in the application process and installation disorder.

Customers are joyous when they deal with calorie trackers and fitness accessories with the IOT technology. If wearable goods  are  promoted extensively  to have more revenues from the market, application technology must be more  dynamic with  advanced  features to help customers to operate the   miniature wearable devices in a  carefree manner.

 Customers Need to be Upgraded with More Technical Innovation

Though the popularity of wearable smart devices is accelerating in the global market, customers are not confident about using the application tools to operate mini portals. They want more sound and upgraded   platform with liberalization in using multiple applications on a single go through the same smart wearable accessory.

Wearable devices must have  newly upgraded data management and content sharing platform with the easy operability option. Jawbone up is good to some extent as it has improved the data transmission process without technical issues.  Finally,  wearable  device manufacturing companies will  have to  do more performance specific  experiments  and research to  introduce integrated  IOT technology  to develop the smart wearable accessories with  fast data transmission /interpretation  option .

The smart technology to develop and modify the wearable goods should be specifically simple, easy-to-maintain and flawless to ensure the high speed data transfer without any rigidity. Smart wearable devices will have a smooth data sharing option for users who want something innovative with a dynamic presentation of collecting data.  If these issues are settled, in upcoming years, smart wearable accessories will be hot cakes to convince the young generation.   However, it needs more patience and sufficient time for researchers to stay tuned to have good results in this connection.


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