Marketing environment is highly dynamic and no company can afford to remain stagnant or continue to use traditional marketing techniques. Today when about 40% of the world population is connected to the internet, exploiting this sharp upward drift of people using social media as a platform for promoting products or services is the demand of the hour.

We are sure that social media marketing isn’t a new term to you but are you also aware of the integration of IoT with social media marketing and the marvellous results it can produce? Have you noticed that everytime you visit social media websites like facebook, the ads you see on your wall match your taste or are similar to the one you have previously shown interest in? If yes, then how do they know about your taste? Well, we have the answer to all such queries and the answer is as simple as Integration of IoT with social media marketing. IoT along with the wide reach of social media is transforming the way we understand the social media marketing but how? Let’s find the answer together

The Advent of IoT has led to a major transformation in sectors like agriculture, weather forecasting, smart cities, automotive and gaming industry, making our lives much more comfortable. IoT has also taken a step forward to add an edge to traditional social media marketing, making it much more personalized with predictive analysis.

Need of social media marketing

It is a virtual platform which, in the absence of physical boundary, connects to billions of people opening a great opportunity to reach masses in the least time and at minimum cost. Social media marketing offers various benefits like

  • Low marketing cost

In terms of cost, social media marketing is the most cost effective way to reach out to the masses in the minimal given time. Even if we consider paid social media marketing like paid ads, posters on Facebook, twitter and other social media websites, the cost incurred is relatively cheaper against the benefits that can be availed through it.

  • Brand Awareness & Positioning

 Social media platform helps you to connect with masses through a single update on your profile. Social media marketing not only spreads awareness about your brand, its product and service to masses but at the same time it also helps to leave a lasting impression of your brand on customers mind.

  • High Conversion Rate

 When you start with regular updates on social media platform and interact with your customers and reply to their queries or complaints, they tend to build trust towards the brand and share your post that in turn boosts your promotion and helps in reaching to potential clients.

  • Improved Search Engine Ranking

 SEO is an inevitable part of online marketing. If any company aims to redirect higher traffic to its website via search engine then it stands as a compulsion to focus on SEO optimization. SEO not only includes on-page SEO (daily update of the blog, tags and titles etc.) but is also inclusive of off-page SEO where regular activity on social media platform plays a key role.


IoT Transforming Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Integration of IoT has uniquely transformed social media marketing. Now, with the help of IoT you can accurately make the predictive analysis about what the customer could be looking for. What if companies could collect your insight data? What if companies could get to know about what you are discussing in your social circle? Or what product or service you shopped or searched for previously? If you get answers to these questions then you can re-structure your social media marketing strategy and make it more effective and effective. Let’s consider what IoT contains in its bag of fortune for social media marketing.

  • Predictive Analysis – IoT

It helps to collect and analyse collected data that is based on customer’s past purchases or products or services they searched for and this, in turn, could help you to provide vital information about customer’s taste, preferences and buying behaviour which can be eventually utilized for improving the social media marketing strategy.

  • Personalization

 IoT has added an edge of personalisation to social media marketing. Now customers based on their browsing history are recommended products that they may like to buy. IoT helps to turn social media marketing more customer-centric as now you can cast ads and promotion messages based on individual’s preference.

  • Socialising with Physical Objects

 IoT has also opened new gates for social media marketing. Now they are not just limited to social media websites but have extended to physical objects. You can easily interact with physical objects using your social identity like how in an experiment, Appirio installed a vending machine that worked on tweets by the users to get product from vending machine and the user would merely need to interact with it socially. Later, significant effect was noticed on Apprio’s visibility as well.

IoT has helped social media marketing to be more effective and efficient by collecting and analysing data generated by the customer over various social media platforms. Customer insights like their taste, preference, buying behaviour are predicted based on data which acts as the base for formulation of social media marketing strategy. This also helps to notify customer with personalized emails about any update.





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