IoT aka “Internet of Things” is basically a concept about better connectivity among all the things we use today. According to IoT Concept: most of the devices (things) that we use every day should be connected to each other. The main aim is to make smart things or objects which can be controlled with single method. For instance, you can imagine a day in future when every city, every car and pretty much all the device that we own today will be connected to each other with Internet. Internet of things companies are making our work as easier as Jarvis does for Tony Stark in Iron Man.

One day IoT will be that advanced that cars will talk to us (like iPhones siri), home lights will automatically switch off when needed, and most of devices we use will be extra smart. And all this my friend will going to be possible with the help of Internet of Things Companies Innovative thinking.

According to Gartner Experts there will be 26 billion Internet of Things devices by 2020. The number is so huge that today it may seem like a dream. But with this huge possibility and huge future market, there are many investors, companies and startup companies which are rushing to get into the Internet of Things market. So we have created a list of top 10 Internet of Things companies here.


Top 10 Internet of Things Companies and Startups List

There are many innovative Internet of Things companies and startups, so it was pretty hard to choose the top 10 amoung them. Below all the companies are selected on basis of their idea and what they are doing In the IoT world. We have selected some great startups. So enjoy the list below.

1. AdhereTech – IoT Heath Company

Adheretech logo

Adheretech is a New York based health tech company. They started on 2011 in the month of October. The CEO of AdhereTech is Josh Stein, he had received his MBA from Wharton in 2012, as experience he had worked for many other startups. Adhere tech provide a connected pill bottle, with the help of this bottle we can make sure that patients take their medicines at the right time.

Although there are many health companies today in the “internet of Things” health market. However, AdhereTech is different, they focus on discrete problems and start thinking and creating the solution, this attitude makes them Different than other companies. Prescription adherence is one of the biggest problem of today’s health sector. It effects patients is bad, sometimes it can be deadly. That’s why they started working on it, after all they had found a way , as a solution they has built a pill bottle to increase adherence and reduce the costs associated with missed or haphazard medication dosage. The bottle uses many sensors to detect if the patient has taken his pill, automatically the bottle will automatically detect if medication is removed from the bottle. And if the patient has not taken medicine it will automaticity send a reminder to the patient’s phone (text or call).

2. Chui – Security company

Chui is a Boulder, Colo based Security Company. This company has stated in the year 2013. The cofounders of Chul are Shaun Moore and Nezare Chafni. Before starting Chui they both had developed a solution which helps content publishers cover web content to mobile content. This IoT security device maker company has developed a security system which combines the facial recognition with advance computer technology which turns your face into a “universal key”. Today the home and business security systems are expensive. Also, with the so called advance system you may lead to tons of false and annoying alarms, that’s the reason why actually Chui started. It started with a vision to create a better Security system which will lead to a better and safer tomorrow. Chui’s security system allows home and business owners to replaces the current password and keys security with the facial recognition. This system also keeps track of the people who are coming and going. This Advance Security system can help us in more than one ways.


3. Enlighted – Smart Lighting Company

Enlighted is a Sunnyvale, Calif based smart lighting. This company has stated in the year 2009. The SEO of Enlighted is Tushar Dave. Before he start Enlighted he was working as vice president of business development at Broadcom. Also, Dave was one of the co-founders/managing director of Newpath Ventures. According to Enlighted Any Commercial buildings Electricity is wasted on lighting. So, he stated Enlighten – a smart lighting solution company. For making effort they have created something called “people smart sensors” which senses the real-time environmental data and analytics at each light fixture within a building. Using these sensors building owners can determine how to use the electricity on the building more practically. Some has customers from one of the biggest companies like LinkedIn, the City of San Jose, etc.

4. Heapsylon

Heapsylon is a Redmond (Wash) based company, stated in the year 2013. Heapsylon’s SEO is Davide Vigano. First Davide was an intern of Microsoft in 1987, before leaving the company he was the GM for the HealthVault and Amalga healthcare product lines. What Heapsylon company do is in simple words – they turn cloths into computers. Today wearable is a booming subsector of the IoT market. Though there are many companies are making wearable products but most of them are just filled with problems. But Heapsylon is a different companies, they first pinpoints an existing problem for which there is demand for solution. Sensoria socks (product of this company) is kind of a big deal for runners. The socks can accurately track steps, speed, calories and many other things using textile pressured sensors.

5. Humavox

Humavox is a kfar Saba, Israel based company. This company has started in the year 2013. Omri Lachman is the SEO of Humavox. Not only Humavox he has launched several other startups including EXACTME! And Boominga. this Company basically builds technologies to wirelessly power IoT by using radio frequencies, by this they eliminates the needs of Wires.

6. Neura

Neura is a Suuyvale (Calif) based company. The company was started in the Year 2013. Gilad Meiri is SEO of Neura, Previously he had co-founded and served as CEO of another company called Spicebox. Basically Neura wants to become the “glue which connects internet of things”, they are developing an open platform that will bridge all the objects, locations and people using the web. This company believes that smart devices are something which will understand what human needs, so that they can work more professionally. This company does two things to make smart devices which understands humans – first they offer a way for individual devices to communicate with each other and secondly Neura helps any device to understand human behavior.

7. PubNub

PubNub is based in San Francisco, California. They started the company in August 2013. The SEO of PubNub Todd Greene was also the founder and CEO of Loyalize. Loyalize provides real-time audience participation software. PubNub Provides a global real-time network that solves the large scale IoT connectivity problems in the doing this PubNub enables IoT providers to focus on their core businesses. PubNub thinks the IoT space is held back by two main problems and they are – firstly the lack of reliable communication and secondly the lack of reliable security. That why they started the company and they are continuously working on the Current problems to solve them.

These are the top most innovative Internet of Things companies which are not only backed with out of the box idea but are also doing big in marketing their product.

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