Not many of you are aware about the concept of IoT and would like to know some great Internet of Things examples. Well it refers to the new evolution of the internet connectivity where your daily use electronic equipments are laced with technology like sensors, softwares and connectivity which enables them to exchange data over a network without any human-to-human or human-to-computer intervention. In other words Internet of Things is a free communication between Machine to machine (M2M) with no human involvement.

Each object has its own unique identity integrated with a computer system and is able to connect and use other system or object which are connected to same internet infrastructure. IoT example, any object which is capable of identifying, connecting and communicating with other objects Is an Internet of Things Example. 

Here we bring you the list of most innovative Internet of Things examples along with their startup name.


Top 10 Internet Of Things Examples – IOT Market


1) Apple – Planning To Rule IoT Industry

IoT Invention: Apple Watch & Apple HomeKit

Internet of things examples
Apple HomeKit

Details: One of leading technology driven brand has its success story here too, Apple is positioned among top companies offering internet of things. Apple have launched developers framework like Apple watch & Apple HomeKit that offers feature of internet of things. Apple watch acts as a hub for Apple ecosystem.

Apple watch provides you a dais that will get you connected to physical lives that comes in a slim and stylish design allowing you to have an enhanced experience. Apple watch is connected to payment system of Apple Pay.

The Internet Of Things examples
Apple iwatch (IoT)


On same working ground Apple HomeKit allows you a real time experience, here is what Chris Allen (CEO iDevices) said “HomeKit creates an environment that allows for good user experience. Being able to plug and play is a reality now. You can plug in our switch product, enter an eight digit code and you’re ready to go. You’re connected. It doesn’t ask for Wifi passwords.”

 Apple Watch and HomeKit are perfect Internet of Things examples. Read more to know more IoT device examples.


2) Google – Best Search Engine Annexing Towards IOT

IoT Companies Acquired and Inventions: Nest Labs, Dropcam Pro, Wearable intelligence, Silver Spring Networks etc.

Internet of things examples
Nest Dropcam

Details: Google isn’t lacking anywhere in race of Internet of Things. On one hand where apple is catering our daily needs via internet of things and on the other hand Google is making use of same majorly in field of robotics and automotive. Google presently is investing on a large scale to build and support an innovation and research program named Open Web of Things. Google portfolio includes Nest Labs, Dropcam, Wearable intelligence, Silver Spring Networks and so on.

The Internet of Things Examples
Google Nest Thermostat

Dropcam is a product of Nest Labs (company owned by Google). Dropcam is a portable plug and play camera device which comes with technology like voice interaction and night mode. The Nest Dropcam helps us to take care of our loved ones while we are away from them. All we need to do is plug the cam in front of them and connect it through our Android smartphone. It takes only couple of seconds for Dropcam to render visibility on your smartphone screen.

Google is truly setting an outstanding Internet of Things examples in the IoT Industry. The projects listed in inventions are bought or funded by Google ventures. One thing is for sure that Google will fight hard to become best Internet of Things Industry.


3) Philips – Warms Up Their Hands Towards IOT 

IoT Inventions: Hue Smart Bulbs

Philips Hue smart bulbs. IoT examples
Philips Hue Smart Bulbs

Have you thought about mood lighting of your smartphones and tablets as per your convenience? Well Philips Hue smart bulbs are offering such feature that will enable to you to control and adjust the brightness of bulb on a tap. Your tab generates kinetic energy that it takes to follow your command, you can also program the bulb to dim at dark and so on. The Bridge API are the primary tool to control the lights, it allocates a unique URL to every light in the system and make these lights follow your commands. Philips has taken a big step forward in enlightening smart homes.


4) Ralph Lauren – When A Unique Thought Meets Internet Technology

IoT Invention: Ralph Lauren Polo Tech Shirt

Wearables IoT example
Ralph Lauren Polo Tech Shirt

Internet of Things technology is not limited to industries like automotive, robotics, homes etc. Its revolution can be seen even on clothing industry. Ralph Lauren has proved itself to be a leader in its respective company and have launched a technologically advanced Polo Tech Shirt specially made for athletes. This Tech Shirt can sense athlete’s heart rate, energy output to the cloud, movement intensity to enhance athlete’s performance. Overall it is a full all-in-one body fitness tracker.


5) Logitech Harmony Living Home Lineup – Smart Homes Are Not Far

IoT Invention: Harmony Living Home Lineup

Logitech Harmony Living Home Lineup is internet of things example
Logitech Harmony Living Home Lineup

Have you thought of controlling your home with a remote? Well now you can do this as Logitech allows you to control your Smart Home. Logitech has come up with a universal remote controls that are connected to homes and you have easy access to wide range of automated home devices with a centralized control system. Now your smartphone will work as a remote to TV, Lights, Door locks and other appliances on a simple touch.


6) Kwikset Kevo – Who Needs Multiple Keys Now?

IoT Invention: Kevo

Kwikset Kevo is an Internet of Things device.
Kwikset Kevo Lock Image

You often forget your keys and face trouble to open doors? Well if you face such problem then Kwikset Kivo have come up with an interesting solution to this. Kwikset Kevo have designed such locks that don’t need keys, all you need is your smartphone to unlock them. These locks are available on operating software’s like Apple iOS and Android v5.0. The keys of lock are also unique in themselves as to unlock the door you just need to touch your keys and door will be unlocked. The technology used by Kevo is simple bluetooth technology. Well this problem is faced by everyone in this world, so this is an interesting step taken forward to lighter our weight while leaving home.


7) Tesla – Internet of Things Examples Are Everywhere

IoT Invention: Tesla Autopilot

Tesla is an automotive Internet of Things example
Tesla Autopilot Car

The top automotive company is competing on grounds of internet of things. Tesla Cars have its software’s updated that can automatically update as and when needed and if the car needs any repairs or maintenance then can autonomously arrange a valet to pick the vehicle and get it to nearest Tesla service centre.This facility will ensure that you are not having any bad experience with third party garage and the customer service experience is enhanced. Tesla is continuously working on their autopilot system. The company has recently finished version 6.2 update which tell the driver about blind cuts and is capable of making emergency brakes.


8) Johnnie Walker – Creativity Has No End..

IoT Invention: Johnnie Walker Scotch Bottles

Jonnie Walker Whiskey Bottles are Internet of Things examples.
Jonnie Walker Logo

Creativity doesn’t has any limits. This statement is proven by Jonnie Walker who had created a platform especially for a Father’s Day campaign at Brazil. This campaign has connected around 1 lakh of companies whiskey bottles to the internet, extending to this people were allowed to create their own personalized film to pay tribute to their fathers that can be shared on social media websites as well. This is the most weirdest examples of our Internet of Things list.


9) Honeywell – Company In Every IoT sector.

IoT Inventions: Sensors & Switches, Lyric System etc.

Honeywell Voice Home Controlling System
Honeywell Voice Home Control system

Honeywell is one of leading company in home security having its roots all over the world. Honeywell have made many developments in their products over time and to expand their business. Honeywell company also have its feet’s on internet of things with its product like motion sensors, cameras, smoke and intruder detector and so on. They have upgraded to touchscreen controllers which also identify and respond to voice commands. To make it more user friendly pre-set voice commands are installed in products. In addition it can also adjust the temperature automatically as per your convenience.

The most surprising part of Honeywell technologies is that they are in all the sectors of Internet of Things. You can browse their products & services list from here.


10) Hilton Hotels – From Booking A Cab To Booking A Room

IoT Invention: Hilton services through mobile

Hilton Hotels Internet of Things examples
Hilton Hotels Smart Check-in Technology

Not even Hospitality sector is untouched of internet of things. Hilton hotels are been upgraded technologically and they are offering smartphone based services like check-ins and hotel room key functionality. Also the room lightening and heating system are set as per customer choice and preference along with deal notification and push travel suggestions to their customers. Hilton hotels are now more focused at offering automated luxurious services to their customers.

To know more about Internet of Things Examples and Applications then have a look on this great slide from slide share.

These are the 10 Best Internet of Things examples from top companies in the IoT Industy. We hope you liked reading our IoT example list, subscribe to our newsletter and connect with us through social media for latest updates on Internet of Things. You can also check our online IoT forum to get in touch with other Internet of Things Startups and geeks.

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