Travelling attracts everyone’s attention. About 90% people love to spend their leisure time in travelling, as and when it is possible. Tourists and travelers are no more worried of the whereabouts of travelling due to growing impact of technology and they seem to be more happy and care-free while carrying latest Internet of Things gadgets which are being upgraded expeditiously to improve their travelling experience.

Must have Internet of Things gadgets for travellers


  • NOKIA Treasure Tag

This IoT gadget is one of the common names that you might often hear if you are looking for the gadgets that turn your travelling experience without hiccups. It merely costs $30 and acts like a protector to your luggage, travel accessories, laptop bag or anything which, if stolen, could turn your biggest nightmare into reality. Imagine how ruined you would be if the person behind stealing all this turns out be a hacker. This small gadget survives for half a year if used through standard watch battery and could be connected to any desired Smartphone with active Bluetooth 4.0. In case, if one forgets to carry something, the gadgets starts to make a beeping sound. Not only this the lost items could be searched through it with ease.


  • NomadKey

Among the cool gadgets to buy for making your travelling experience easier and comfortable, NomadKey is regarded as the best pocket friendly gadget which is available at $29 only. It is made up of plastic which is durable in nature. It acts like a keychain to one’s laptops and cars. The USB end of this gadget is plugged with the wall charger or to the laptop and so, one can actually juice up their mobile phones while they are plugged to the other end which utilizes Micro USB. If you are an iPhone user then you can also get the advantage of lightening port version. The length of the key is around 3 inches.


  • Saddleback iPad Mini 2 Case

If you are among those users who look for the gadgets that provides lifetime guarantee and that too for a minimal amount of $88, then this gadget is cut for you. This acts like a protection shield for your Apple iPad Mini 2. This leather case which is durable in nature permits the iPad to absorb shock if being jostled somewhere inside your bag or dropped from a little height. One can grab it from the strap to use the tripod in it for holding your iPad everywhere.


  • TYLT Energi 2K Travel Charger

No extra battery could come without increasing the weight, extra cable or luggage to your trip but with this gadget you need only one cable to charge your mobile. Your Smartphone could easily be charged, if the battery of this gadget is fully charged. It cost only $40 and is available in attractive colors like red, black, bright neon yellow or subtle blue giving customers a wide range of options to select accordingly.


  • Scottevest QUEST Vest

The picture of this IoT inspired wearable gadget could have clear the concept of this vest but in real this gadget is far more stylish and easy to use. It has 42 compartments for stashing your Smartphone, iPad Mini, travel gears, chargers and all the accessories without giving opportunity for anyone to notice. It comes with a guarantee of $1,000 anti pickpocket. A unique product that talks about guarantee, isn’t it amazing?

There are many Internet of Things gadgets to buy if you really want to make your travelling experience an easy and comfortable one. First you need to understand your requirement beforehand in order to understand which Internet of Things gadget is appropriate for giving you complete satisfaction while travelling. Afterall, they are your true friend throughout the journey.

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