You name it and Internet of Things has its application in that particular field. Robotics, home security, location-based tracking and now we are going to discuss IoT application for healthcare and fitness industry. IoT is very popular these days and its super fast trending applications with the purpose of improving the living standards of humans have stunned the investors and people by showing to what level the current ecosystem would be changed. Internet of Things can be really helpful when it comes to monitoring our health and keeping a regular check on our fitness levels. The roots of IoT can be traced around us initially from the devices that are an integral part of our daily routine extending to other high-end devices designed specially to cater needs of vital areas like health, industry and else.

Internet of Things is a rapid shift of humans in terms of technology and how we perceive and use things. It ensures that we use everything around us in the smartest way to cater our needs to the best possible extent. We have some IoT healthcare and fitness devices and companies which we would like to share so hang on tight!


 The basic motive of the company is to provide a connected pill bottle to all the patients in order to make sure that they take their medications regularly. According to AdhereTech, 35% to 70% of the medical institutions in the USA are related to poor medication adherence. AdhereTech’s pill bottle aims to boost adherence and thereby lessen the costs related to missed or haphazard medication dosage. The bottle uses sensors to detect when one pill or one liquid milliliter of medication is removed from the bottle and notifies the patient via phone call or a message. A question may come to your mind, how to get rid of common healthcare problems and what all companies are working on this? Here we bring you most innovative Internet of Things companies who are working on health care industry. 


Vessyl is one of the fastest growing startup company which is focused on developing smart cups which sense the nutritional content of the beverages which people drink and tracks the hydration levels of its user. It provides a tailored insight to the increasingly health-conscious consumer base. It has raised over $1M in funding till date.

Misfit Wearables

Misfit Wearables is a company which tracks the fitness levels of any human body. It measures the different aspects like the blood pressure, sugar level, calorific levels and heart rate of our body and notifies if something is not regular or normal. It has a presence in more than 21,000 retail locations in 50 countries, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Proteus Digital Health

This company is developing a new category of products and data systems based on the sensor system. The digital health feedback system provides a view into an individual’s personal health choices and physiologic response, allowing patients to track their health in a better way and interact more precisely with the clinicians while enabling new information-based business models.

The Internet of Things is probably going to revolutionize everything from scratch. Every industry would be more advanced in its own terms while it would be operating on the IoT devices. Healthcare is one of the most important industries when we talk about humans and for its betterment, IoT is going to be very effective and essential. We gathered the best examples and companies related to IoT healthcare products, now we hope to hear from you about the same. Comment in your ideas and views about the trending IoT in the field of health and fitness and suggest some application if you have in mind, thanks for reading!

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