Technology these days has become more connected and closer to each other due to Internet of Things Platform. Now it is possible to remotely monitor the patient’s health with the help of embedded devices, sensors network, actuators etc., all these things comes under Internet of Things Healtcare category. Internet of things is concept which aims to connect everything with Internet. Connecting HealthCare Devices like MRIs, a CT Scanner, or lab test equipment to internet inorder to improve patient care is referred to as Internet of Things healthcare technology. The Internet of Things medical devices provides a connected environment where all important health related parameters of a patient gets transmitted via a gateway to a secured cloud based storage where it gets stored, analysed and aggregated. Connected health care programs of IOT technology provides improvement in health care which further leads to better clinical outcomes. Major use of IOT health care devices includes Personal health, fitness management, Care for the pediatric & the aged and Chronic disease management. So, let’s take a look on some IOT medical or health care devices which are improving the way of patient’s care.

Internet of Things Healthcare Devices – IOT Medical Devices



To help a patient from any kind of disease, it is necessary to take medications on time but with our busy schedule we sometime even forget to take/give medicines. Here are the Internet of things medical and healthcare devices which will never gonna let you miss medications with their smart and connected technology for which IOT aims for.

  • AdhereTech smart wireless pill bottles

First device in our list of Internet of things in health care is Adhere Tech smart wireless pill bottles used in pharmaceutical and research engagements. These smart bottles will collect and send all data related to patient health in real time automatically with a system which analyse and populates the info. sent and store it a secured database system. With these smart pills patient can gets connected with its health care needs like his doses, treatment etc. Patient will receive notifications via phone calls or text message in case he/she missed doses which leads to good improvement in health care. And we can say IOT technology in medical is doing great.


  • GlowCaps – Vitality GlowCaps medication adherence solutions

GlowCaps are other IOT technology in medical and health care which let you free from keeping track of your scheduled medications. GLowCaps are the smart IOT device in health care which fits with all prescription bottles and notifying you when it is the time to take your medicines with its light and sound system. Learn more about GlowCaps here.


IoT Wearable Healthcare Gadgets

With a great increase in number of connected health care devices the application area of Internet of things is getting more fascinating in medical sphere. And many Internet of Things healthcare companies are showing interest in making such connected devices for health care. Whether it is wearable device which will track your work out or a medication device which remind you take medicines, check blood pressure, going for a walk or all other activities to bring improvement in health care. And wearable devices for personal care care assisting a patient is a common thing thing now. Some of the Wearable health care IOT devices are;

  • Asus Vivo Watch


Now you don’t have to wear any uncomfortable chest strap to monitor your heart beat, thanks to Asus Vivo Watch which let you measure accurate heart beat safely with its smart Vivo pulse technology & built in optical sensors. You will get all your helpful health insights like the number of calories you burn a day and will give you a perfect measure for your exercise with the data Asus Vivo Watch collects from your heart beats.

  • Intelligent Asthma Management by Health Care Originals

Automated Device For Asthma Monitoring And Management or ADAMM is a wearable tech. which provides a complete solution for managing and monitoring you in the situation of Asthma, displays, and the tracking, journaling, treatment plans, and information on the treating of symptoms. It has an app which let a patient to be able to get real time data of monitoring Asthma. This device is currently under designing phase and a consumer can keep track of it a their website.

  • Quell Relief

Quell Relief is another wearable tech in medical and health care which calibrates to your optimal stimulation level so that you will receive maximum relief. It is a smart internet of things device health care device which knows what level of stimulation you need during the day and deliver it to you and it will adjust with appropriate level at night. Now you will get restful sleep, thanks to Quell Relief which senses when you are lying down and automatically switches to night therapy.

  • Google Smart Contact Lenses


Google is also fascinating as the Internet of things companies and its smart connected health care device ‘Google Smart Contact Lenses‘ improving the medical way to help a diabetes patient. It is engineered to take the drop of your tear and measure the presence of Glucose level. It is engineered to restore the natural autofocus of one’s eyes who wear contact lenses. Company wanted to use minituarisation with their latest technology to improve the quality of one’s life.

  • Leaf Healthcare Ulcer Sensor

Leaf Health Ulcer Sensor is another healthcare device which will alert you when it is time to turn and move on in order to combat no moving time. Scientist believes that constant sitting on one place and no moving from a long time may also cause Ulcer so this IO medical device with its  tri-axial accelerometer which senses your position and assist you in proper way to turn resulting in good health care.

So, these are some of the connected health care device which are doing their best to help you in getting proper health care without disturbing your busy schedule.


Medical/ Healthcare devices and IoT

Internet of things is a concept which aims to connect everything with Internet to collect more data and to improve the way we are living and if IOT takes off what all expects, medical and healthcare industry will bring it more benefits. Most of companies are showing interest in this area and developing great devices in health care.

Internet of things healthcare devices IoT-MD

These are devices which are connected wirelessely and improving the way of patients help and healthcare. Devices like real time ICU monitoring solutions are indeed a big part of IOT industry.  There are various connected devices which are wirelessly monitoring ultrasound and remote the vital sign monitoring from a hospital environment. Wearable devices in health care are getting enough attentions and are as expected deriving great benefits. These are the devices which are improving the emergency treatment and health related help just with a push button. These connected devices like wearable bands are measuring, collecting vital data and transmitting it to their personal computers and smartphones. They gonna train you the procedure and provides proper health advice which improves the health care.


Now, with Internet of things healthcare devices it is quite easy to transfer all vital data and information of a patient from his home to the hospital staff more efficient resulting in providing proper health care. IOT is getting much established and adopting connected devices in the health care industry in wide range so there will be a two sided game when IoT will be promoting medical devices and apps.


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