With each passing year we are getting closer to a smarter world where everything will be linked to every other thing resulting in a world which will be connected from one end to the other. More popularly known as the Internet of Things, this technology has already been used in a number of industries related to health, fitness, manufacturing and so on.

Businesses in the next few years will become more connected than ever before and experience a big change. In this post we will discuss about the impact of internet of Things, in the next few years, in your business.


How Internet of Things Increases Business Productivity

  • Greater connectivity:

IoT is all about connecting gadgets to the internet and providing output in an efficient way. When all the components of a system are connected it results in greater efficiency. Companies will be able to access an enormous data base that will be generated by the virtue of their connectivity.

One more big advantage of being connected is the ability to track a location in a faster and reliable way. This will obviously save a lot of time by tracking devices and equipments easily. Almost every single object inside a plant will be accessible from a remote location.

Manufacturing plants implementing lean manufacturing can avail a lot from IoT.


  • Time saving:

When you get all the notifications about the actions to be taken in your smart phone it saves a lot of time and labor. In many cases, the devices will be able to take decisions independently without bothering the personals for minor issues.


  • Controlling your office form home:

Imagine you wake up late on a lazy morning and turn on internet in your smart phone and get all the updates of your office. Not only this you are literally controlling your office just by tapping your device. Hard to believe, right? But soon in the coming years this will become a common practice to monitor your workplace from a distant location by connecting it to the internet.

How Internet of Things (IoT) increases business productivity infograph
Internet of Things increases productivity – infograph


  • Healthier customer relations

Once you have transformed your ordinary business in to a smart one you can cater to customer’s needs and queries 24×7. After all when all the system components are intelligently connected, dealing with the customers becomes an easy task. The systems will be smart enough to take complaints/feedbacks from the customers and provide satisfactory results without any human intervention.


  • Smarter devices

With IoT becoming the talk of the hour the need to design and produce devices capable of getting connected to the internet is on the rise. A lot of fitness IoT equipments have already been released in the market which has gained good response from the consumers. Thus a potential business lies in this sector. Identifying the customer mood and acting according to changing times is something companies should learn fast.


  • Automation and maintenance

Automation has been introduced for quite some time now. Since its inception this technique has helped companies to save a lot of useful time and minimizing labor. Further innovative ideas in this field will increase the efficiency of the firms. IoT in this respect can help in connecting all the components and allowing sequential operation.

Maintenance also becomes easy when businesses implement IoT. Sensors fitted in the equipments are smart enough to diagnose any faulty behavior of the machines. So without causing further delay which in any case would increase the fault in the equipment, the system sends warning signal to start the repairing session. In this way equipments are saved from major issues.


  • Predictions for future

The predictions of growth of IoT for the upcoming years are quite appreciable. According to global internet of things market study findings:

  1. i) IoT will account for $1.5 trillion to global economy by the end of 2019.
  2. ii) By the end of 2019 the IoT will be undoubtedly the largest device market in the whole world. With increase in the number of connected devices like mobile phones, tablets and other equipments this growth is justified.

The IoT will surely bring a new atmosphere in workplaces in upcoming years. With everything getting connected the traditional strategies need to updated to stay in the race. With right step taken in the right direction will ensure a boost in the business of future.

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