Looking at the pace at which the world around us is getting engulfed in next- generation technologies such as the Internet of Things, it will not be erroneous to say that IoT is fast emerging as the next big investment destination. The promises made by the Internet of Things technology so far has inspired several of the top- notch companies as well as industrial giants to scramble and compete in order to grab their share of fame as well as revenues in the flourishing IoT market.

IoT is the next big investment - infograph
Total Investment made in IoT infograph

What makes Internet of Things the Next Big Investment Destination?

We are very much acquainted with the concept of the Internet of Things technology as well as how exactly the world will benefit from it, but how many of us are aware of the fact that the future of science and technology is largely dependent on this technology? Yes, the Internet of Things technology has time and again proven its worth as a game changer technological reform which will alter the way the world around us has been functioning starting from evolution of life on earth. Undoubtedly we have come a lot ahead of our early man medieval ages, but if we think about what all is left for mankind to achieve, then we can say without a ray of doubt that the next big investment destination is most certainly the Internet of Things (IoT).

Not only this, the fact that gigantic Blue Chip corporate houses like Cisco, Intel as well as IBM are putting their name, reputation as well as millions of hard cash as part of investment in the Internet of Things technology is enough proof that IoT is here to stay and that it holds promising future for human beings in the coming times. These establishments are looking forward to producing high- end gadgets, wearable gadgets as well as technologies which will heighten the convenience factor in the produced technologies apart from developing a self- efficient as well as independent network of devices, objects as well as human beings.

Investment in IoT report
Investment made in IoT between 2011 to 2013 (Q1)

What makes IoT the ultimate multimillion opportunity chase?

Recently ace corporation IBM also announced its venture into the IoT market with a whooping investment of US $3 billion for a prospective business venture which will focus on the conceiving of key solutions in the Internet of Things era which it is planning to establish as well as validate as a potential breakthrough in the IoT market.

You must be wondering about the most compelling reason which makes IoT the next big investment!! Well, one the prime application areas as well as compelling reasons for all current as well as prospective investments made towards the Internet of Things technology is data centers, big data analytics, cloud, global networks as well as power- hungry chips and circuits. Over time, the world has come across the prejudices of making way for a brand new technology and has made peace with the fact that the trillions of worth investments made in the IoT stocks market will help in coming up with new innovations, better and enhanced customer experiences, improved utilization of assets, better streaming of revenues, sufficient supply chains of logistic operations as well as improved productivity among employees within an organization.

The Opportunity Chase for the next big investment

With frontier companies trying their best to bag their respective roles and agendas in the IoT market, it has become very difficult to find brighter IoT stock to invest.  It is clear that these companies are having better insights of this technology in the future and they are now putting their money and reputation at stake amidst their efforts to come up with the next BIG thing in the world of Internet of Things.

The Internet of Things investment opportunity lies not only in proper collection of data, but tracking of data in a way which can reduce current and future costs. The reduction in overall cost and improvement in efficiency of work is promised by connected data technology or the Internet of Things. Let’s take an example of data tracking technology of fleet telematics to understand the topic better. Fleet telematics technology is build to reduce overall transportation cost, enhance vehicle’s performance and increase overall productivity through collected data from fleets on vehicles. Thus helping the business to take most of it.

TCS IoT invesstment report
Tata Consultancy Services Internet of Things Investment report – 2016

How Internet of Things is the Next Big Investment from both horizontal & vertical aspects?

Probably one of the most efficient ways of understanding the investment as well as revenue potential of the Internet of Things (IoT) technology is by taking into account both the horizontal and vertical aspects. Speaking of companies which will fall under the category of horizontal beneficiaries of IoT technology, low- cost small scale industries manufacturing as well as supplying semiconductor chips, circuits, micro- electromechanical sensors and data connectivity peripherals are included. In the meanwhile, second order frontier manufacturers are known as Vertical beneficiaries of IoT since they are the specific service- providers as well as manufacturers of flagship devices as well as innovative technologies which will make Internet of Things a reality! These companies are responsible for taking the output as well as efficiency of the services provided to a completely new overwhelming level.

Citing at the fact that both large as well as small scale industries will benefit from the Internet of Things technology is a proof enough that IoT is the next big investment destination that we must be looking forward to. It is not common for new technologies to benefit all aspects of development to considerably the same extent which further makes the Internet of Things technology a breakthrough revolution in the world of science and innovation. This also means that both the hardware as well as software industries will benefit once the IoT inspired technological reform is set into motion.

With opportunities to be found across all spheres as well as sectors irrespective of the diversity or potential of the industry, the Internet of Things technology comes across as a game changer as well as the next big investment to look forward to.

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