Internet of Things is a rapidly growing technology and over time we have already seen that the implementation areas of this next generation technology has increased many folds. What earlier seemed to be a next- to- impossible idea has started to turn into a striking reality for some time now. Looking at the popularity and engaging capability of the Internet of Things technology, we have reached the stage where we need to put some light on the platforms that will benefit the ideology of Internet of Things the most. There are more than a dozen of smaller as well as little- known IoT platforms and then there are platforms being offered by renowned makers as well as manufacturers.

Before we move any further with the topic of IoT, it is important for us to know about some of the best Internet of Things platforms out there.

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Great Internet of Things Platforms List


Eclipse Internet of Things (IoT)                       

What makes Eclipse Internet of Things platform stand a step ahead of other IoT platforms is the fact that it specifically focuses on bringing to life the idea of an IoT inspired smart home. It is an open- source platform with the ideology of providing services, frameworks and implementation methods which are not only best in the industry; rather they also provide an open Internet of Things gateway for the successful execution of IoT technology across our homes. Eclipse Internet of Things can be understood as an ecosystem of IoT inspired companies that are working in harmony with each other with the perspective to create an open- source technology; hence paving the way for this break- through technology to reach our homes and workplaces in the near future. Eclipse makes use of lightweight M2M (Machine 2 Machine) communications for creating an impressive IoT environment so that the idea of smart home gains momentum without any hindrance. Internet of Things Platform
                     The Things is a very interesting Internet of Things platform that will make sure that you have the most scalable as well as fastest connections across all your connected devices and objects, irrespective of the environment you are currently working in. With the help of this platform, you can also manage, organize as well as monitor all the devices along with receiving their timely analytical reports in the real time. The best part about platform is that it suits the needs and requirements of all established enterprises developers as well as start-ups.  You can also personalize all the analytical reports created with the help of utility widgets and graphics.  It also gives you the power to manage everything on your plate automatically with the use of triggers, functions and scheduled jobs. Its interoperability feature is of great use in scenarios where you would like to connect your device or share your connection with third- party services, applications as well as devices.




The Things Network Internet of Things Platform
                                   The Things Network

As the name suggests, this platform basically functions as a network which is absolutely free, open, global as well as crowd- sourced and above all, it is decentralized to form the perfect Internet of Things network where you can connect all your appliances, devices and objects over a common cloud so that they no longer require any third- party interference for functioning properly. The Things Network allows all users to create a user- friendly and cost- effective platform for your out- of- the- box Internet of Things idea. With this Internet of Things platform, get a chance to explore the never- ending world of technological possibilities! Bring creative ideas into reality with the help of The Things Network IoT platform.


Go Plus Internet of Things Platform
                            Go Plus Platform

Go Plus is a cloud- based Internet of Things platform which enables you to form strong and interruption- free connections among your connected devices and objects. This IoT platform brings with it unlimited opportunities for users as well as developers by enabling them not only to freely connect and operate their Internet of Things technology and devices; rather they can also share information across all the connected devices. Using Go Plus IoT Platform, you can connect all kinds of devices with the use of a broker connection architecture. Its main purpose is to allow all IoT connections to be independent of all the existing as well as future standards of communication and information sharing. What is more interesting about this Internet of Things platform is the fact that it is capable of connecting devices across web services as well. Comprising of multiple technology layers and scope for real- time data analytics, this platform also allows you to make decisions in real- time.




Open Sensors Internet of Things (IoT) Platform
                                              Open Sensors

As the name suggests, is a powerful platform for the Internet of Things technology which helps you in not only building a well- connected world; rather it also enables you to connect as well as manage all data and information in your network on your own. Basically, Open Sensors creates unique identifier every time a new device is created by you. For receiving this unique identifier, it is important for you to sign up on Open Sensors beforehand. In the next step, you can configure your entire sensor hardware by entering the unique identifier that you have received after adding a new device into your cloud of connected devices. Once you have connected all your devices with the help of the IoT platform, you can access, display as well as integrate all data across all the connected devices in a smart and easy manner.


Unification Engine Internet of Things Platform
                                    Unification Engine

Unification Engine is basically an IoT platform for Unified Inbox Communications and it enables you to connect your services as well as products to some of the most- widely used and popular communication channels, such as SMS, emails, social networks and chatting/ messaging applications. The best part about Unification Engine is that it connects you to a single API unlike other IoT platforms that enable connection to constantly changing API; hence hampering the performance of your connected devices. It is basically a great platform for both hardware manufacturers and developers who want a cost- effective way of developing and who do not want to experience the hassles of managing communications across different communication channel APIs. Instead, Unification Engine provides them with more time and resources so that they can focus on creating value- added features and functionalities for their consumer base. Using this IoT platform will help you in cutting down the cost of communication by enhancing and accelerating development. is a formal Internet of Things platform which is specifically dedicated to the technology behind smart phone Internet of Things. An important aspect of the IoT technology is mobile sensors and IoTool helps you in connecting any kind of sensor using all interfaces across any smart phone device of your choice. The data collected through this platform is first encrypted and then stored, displayed, processed as well as synced to the IoTool cloud. From here, the data is made fully accessible across 15 data- centres all over the globe.  For making its usage more beneficial for you, IoTool also provides you with an API so that you can include all the concerned modules to your solution. Using IoTool, you can connect your very own sensors, teach, research and take full control over your IoT network.


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