The idea of Internet of Things revolutionizing our lives is doing the rounds since a few years now and with time, we have been looking at some very relevant as well as substantial IoT developments taking place around us. With cities becoming smarter, gadgets becoming more connected as well as services being made available at our fingertips, it is needless to say that the Internet of Things will transform our lives in more than a single way. Super powerful cars, roads deployed with sensors, efficient energy and sewage systems, etc. everything is pointing towards the fact that the Internet of Things technology is becoming more bankable over the last few years.

If this wasn’t enough, there are some very innovative as well as promising start-ups making their way into the technological arena with promises of bringing an IoT- inspired idea and product along!! With the last year having already seen a bunch of such IoT startups successfully making their way into the markets, everyone is hoping to see more such Internet of Things startups this year as well. With several MNCs and high- ranking companies already having proved their talents and acquisitions in the IoT technology, it is now time for the lesser- known as well as recently conceived start-ups to make their presence felt. Without much delay, let us take a look at 5 of the best Internet of Things startups to watch out for in 2016.

5 Internet of Things (IoT) Startups to watch out for in 2016


  1. IFTTT

IFTTT - If This, Then That company logo

IFTTT is an abbreviation for ‘If This, Then That’. This start-up was initiated with the intention of automating interaction as well as connection between several different mobile applications. Using this, customers will be able to trigger an activity in one app on one mobile device, the response of which will be seen across some other mobile device connected via the Internet of Things technology. With the help of IFTTT, there are “recipes” which are capable of automatically tweeting pictures which are initially posted on Instagram. Alternatively, these pictures can also be saved as attachments in emails to upload on Dropbox. With the advent of IoT, IFTTT has made it possible to carry out the same function across different mobile devices. IFTTT also gives you the power to open/ close garage doors remotely as well as carry out functions like setting off the coffee machine with the ringing of the alarm.


  1. Blu Flux

Blu Flux Internet of Things services

Blu Flux is a very innovative Internet of Things startup which will help users in having improved off- the- shelf antenna performance. With the help of Blu Flux, consumers will be capable of integrating products via UWB- based RTLS sensors. Smart phones to smart meters as well as intelligent wearables, Internet of Things inspired Blu Flux will make it viable for the world to get connected through the Internet of Things technology.


  1. Parkifi

Parkifi is a Internet of Things Startup

Parking is one true ordeal for people who regularly commute and it is literally a tricky task to find the right parking slot for your vehicle. Looking at the difficulty faced be people in crowded cities, a number of companies have proposed their plans as well as ideas for making parking less daunting. Parkifi is one such idea based on the Internet of Things technology which will help drivers to find available parking spaces. Basically, Parkifi is known for offering high- quality sensors to several top- notch companies for creating devices and technologies which will notify drivers regarding all available parking slots in their proximity. This will not only help in reducing the number of sudden accidents and car crashes; rather also decrease congestion in the cities to a very large extent. The fact that Parkifi has already installed more than a thousand sensors in the United States is a proof that this company is here to stay in the long run.


  1. Withings

Withings Healthcare Internet of Things company


Withings is a startup company which has been making its presence felt for some time now and the Withings Thermo is an IoT inspired device which is basically nothing but a smart thermometer. What makes the Withings thermometer smarter is the fact that it consists of 16 infrared sensors which are capable of making 4000+ measurements in just few seconds. Withings has made this thermometer very easy to use and it is capable of sensing the forehead artery, hence making the detection of fever and illness possible.



  1. Droplit

Droplit IoT company logo and official Favicon

Droplit will help you in fulfilling your dream of creating a fully- connected and smart home. This start up basically develops a connection across all the devices and objects in your home. With a connection developed among all your smart devices, Droplit will give you the power to control everything that is happening around your house irrespective of your location. Another advantage of using Droplit is that you can control your home using any mobile device/ appliance of your choice. As the entire setup is organized without the use of any wires, there is scope for energy conservation as well.


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