Internet of things is a blessing of modern science which is based on the idea of connecting every device with each other via internet, thus making the entire system smarter, reliable and efficient. Over the last few years there has been a significant change in people’s lifestyle due to the introduction of various IoT gadgets. This however is just a beginning and the future of IoT seems vast and seemingly unimaginable.

Impact of Internet of Things (IoT) on lifestyle

In this post we will discuss about Internet of Things technology contribution in the improving the standard of living and how it will continue to make our lives easier in the upcoming years. This is just a glimpse of what will happen in the next few years.

Internet of Things technology brings Secured lifestyle

With the world getting violent and insensible with each passing day, security is always a major concern these days not only for people living in metros but also for the families in small town. However Internet of things has a solution to this problem by making home security devices smarter and responsive.

If your work demands you to stay out of the home for long hours leaving elders and kids alone back home you can now rely on smart devices like alarms and cameras which will instantly notify you during suspicious activities. The future home surveillance devices will be smart enough to take actions on their own to avoid any emergency situation.

Imagine you are out on a meeting and someone tries to break in to your house. The moment he tries to cross the first barrier, I,e the gate notifications will start reaching your phone. Also the alarms are cleaver enough to ring forcing the burglar to run for his life.

IoT makes Fitness easier

In this competitive world of today, one needs to stay fit and healthy in order to work hard. Internet of things plays a significant role in the field of fitness too. With devices like Cue, HAPIfork, fitbit and so on, staying fit has become fun and easy. These gadgets can give feedback based on your performance and advice you to perform certain activities in the proper way as done by Smart Mat. Cool isn’t it?Displaying IOT in business.png 🙂

Smart world

Imagine your washing machine cleaning your clothes all of its own, your Air conditioner adjusting the motor speed depending on the environment, your car sending a signal to your smart phone to change your tyres during low pressure or your bike giving you signals about a required servicing! With all the devices connected to each other the world will obviously become a better place to live in.

Bill payments, recharge and tax payments will be handled automatically by the smart system thanks to Internet of things.

One more advantage of having a smart home is that the devices will be able to optimize themselves in order to save electricity and un necessary expenses. Lights and fans in the living room will be able to switch off and on by sensing the presence of human beings inside the room.


Internet of Things technology makes Shopping Intelligent

If we say a day will soon come when your refrigerator and smart kitchen cupboards will have the ability to fill your shopping cart on their own, will you believe us? No? Well connected refrigerators and kitchen cupboards of future will be able to detect the things you need to buy with the help of sensors fitted in them.

A signal will be sent to e-commerce sites and your shopping cart will be automatically filled up. However your final consent will be needed to complete the transaction.

Needless to mention the transaction will also become much safer by the virtue of multi-layered protection.

control your home and office automation through IoT
Home Automation

Remote home control

Starting from washing machines, lights, air conditioners and so on you can control every single equipment in your house from a remote location. You can lock and unlock the main door at your convenience to let in guests even when you are away from home.

Gone are the days when you need to worry about leaving the keys under the flower pot just beside the main door. What’s cool is that you literally need not worry about carrying keys even!


A lot of smart travelling gadgets have already started to knock the market making life of travelers and tourists easier than ever before. Hotels can give their guests a good time by enabling sensors in devices like coffee machines, Air conditioners, thermostats etc which will together work as a connected system and change their individual functions depending on the situations.

Starting from hotels, cab services to airlines and railways a revolution has started to come and the effect will be soon felt in a few years from now.

Safer roads

Internet of Things highway
IoT powered roads

Yes the intelligent Traffic signals and traffic control systems will be able to work on their own based on real life situations without any manual help.

The Autonomous intersection management for example is a concept which will make vehicles smart enough to slow down or speed up depending upon the signal obtained from the sensors.

As stated earlier, this is just the beginning of the show and the scope of IoT is limitless. In the next 6-7 years we will see a lot of innovative and smart devices in the market with extraordinary functions and capabilities. One thing that is sure that we are entering a future which will be smarter and connected than ever before.

Final Words

Lastly, we hope even you guys agree with the fact that internet of things has actually made a great impact on each and everyone’s life. For more such informative posts, stay connected with us.

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