If you are a developer who loves Ubuntu Linux then you will be very excited to know that the first Ubuntu Linux tablet is coming to the market. It has been rumored that the Ubuntu smartphone will be the best open source smartphone ever made. As we all know, Ubuntu powers numerous internet servers in the world. Things can only get better as it starts to power the Internet of Things as well. Linux Foundation made an announcement that they are working on a project to build an operating system for the Internet of Things. This project will be supported by Intel and other giants in the industry. This brings a bag of advantages and takes the Internet of Things to a whole new level.

Internet of Things growth expectation graph/chart by 2020
IoT Industry value by 2020 will be $1.9 Trillion according to Analytics
  • Efficiency-The Zephyr Project will help solve most of the problems that have been holding the Internet of Things from becoming mainstream so far. Provision of a secure, customizable and open source operating system will flee the Internet of Things from the constraints that have been holding it back.

  • It will now be as good as or actually better than other devices that have been using the Linux operating system all along. Developers will now have their horizons expanded and efficiency will definitely be increased.

  • Interaction– The way that the Internet of Things devices interact with each other will definitely change, for the better of course. Linux will offer a unifying, scalable and modular platform that any developer in the world can access. This means that that Internet of Things devices will no longer be confined to their proprietary systems.

  • The devices will now be able to interact and talk to each other. The digital fences that have been restricting them will now be broken down to enhance their interaction. Your thermostat can now communicate to your wearable devices using the same protocols.

  • Modular-Consumption has been an issue with some of the Internet of Things devices. These devices require a platform that will address some of the smallest memory footprints. This is within the same field of importance as wearable technology.

  • According to the latest news, this will not be a problem for Linux since unlike other operating systems, it has proven that it can run perfectly while using constrained resources.

  • Even more, this will not affect performance since it can be able to power the real time data acquisition systems of manufacturing plants and other time-sensitive instruments and machines.

  • This project will bring us the best of both worlds featuring speed as well as low consumption.

  • Security-Security is also another issue that the Zephyr project is expected to take care of. Normally, open source software is considered generally more secure since anyone has the ability to inspect and debug the code.

  • This is a very important thing since it will enhance the security of Internet of Things devices. The project has made this feature a major priority and even plans to set up a dedicated security group as well as a delegated security maintainer.

  • This means that the issue of security is almost entirely tackled and the Internet of Things devices will soon be free of external threats.

  • Innovation-Most importantly, innovation will be impacted in a very positive way. The Zephyr project will see the innovation of Internet of Things devices go through the roof.

  • Startup developers of wearable tech will no longer have to go through the trouble of licensing an operating system or having to develop one of them since Linux now has them covered.

  • A very large hurdle has been removed from their way and they can now concentrate on innovation fully. In case one is thinking of innovating for the Internet of Things all they will have to do is to grab the Zephyr Project Source and they are good to go.

From the look of things, the Internet of Things just became very interesting. This new technology will definitely make a very significant impact in the connected and embedded device market. It will address most of the evolving needs of the connected device development. It is expected to become one of the leading easy to use Internet of Things platforms. What makes it even better is that it has been designed with security in mind. Developers will now be provided with the best tools available and all the support they need to develop innovative solutions. This is definitely the beginning of something big for the Internet of Things. We can only wait for the big things that are about to come.


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