The phrase “Internet of Things” has by far taken all of us by surprise and needless to say, ever individual with even the slightest idea about what Internet of Things is will understand how amazing and useful this next- generation technology appears to be. A world where each and every entity including devices, machines, objects as well as human beings will be connected over a common network certainly seems to be the promise of a better and more managed life on earth.


However, are we really prepared to become the part of such an advanced world? Will the advent of this new- age technology prove to be a backdrop in our personal lives? The answer to this question is what we are looking for in this post about whether the Internet of Things technology will make life any easier!!


How Internet of Things (IoT) Will Change Our Lives?


First and foremost, what the world needs to realize and understand is that smarter gadgets do not necessarily mean a smarter and easier life. Talking about some of the prospective changes that the Internet of Things technology will bring, soon we can expect our refrigerator to send us messages regarding the souring milk, your dustbins texting you about the piling up of garbage and so on. Not only this, the best part of this next big evolutionary step towards a connected world is that all the machines and elements around us will be communicating with each other without the need for any kind of human intervention!!

So what exactly makes us think that IoT will not bring any major changes?

Studies regarding the usefulness and benefits of the Internet of Things technology have been doing the rounds since a pretty long time and what some researchers in the United States have concluded is that the application of IoT technology will bring no major changes in the way our life works. For instance, housewives are used to spending majority of their time in keeping their house clean and when the same housewives were provided with high- end gadgets and home appliances, such as vacuum cleaners, dishwashers, automatic washing machines, etc, it was observed that there was no reduction in the time that they spent in maintaining the house.


However, the quality of life was certainly improved due to the use of gadgets and latest home appliances. This study points towards a very eminent feature of the Internet of Things technology that it will certainly make our lives and daily chores easier without affecting the operations or time which an individual usually spends on it.


When we usually think about a fully- automatic world, we assume that since machines are doing all our work, there will be more time for us to hang out with our friends or indulge in other kinds of leisure activities. On the contrary, the truth is that life will only become simpler due to the implementation of the Internet of Things technology. A very evident proof of this is in the fact that sooner or later, it is human beings who will have to wire the devices and gadgets onto this common network cloud.


This is due to the fact that no matter how much we boost about the capability of our next- generation machines as well as appliances, the truth is that nothing will synchronize with the existing network if human beings do not intervene for building the connection. Another worst case scenario is if the machines we are talking about are not easy to install and operate!!


In this case how will you connect the devices to make it a part of the network? The truth is that a machine loses half of its eminence and credibility if it is taking too much of our time and energy in getting started. This issue of connecting the devices with each other to form a common network is yet another unavoidable challenge faced in the Internet of Things technology.


With the world looking forward to a technologically- improved tomorrow, we are somewhere lacking at reaching over all the pros and cons of the Internet of Things technology. It certainly will result in a major breakthrough of reforms in the way the world around us functions but at the same time, it will not necessarily make human life any less complex.


Is The Implementation Of Internet of Things (IoT) A Bad Idea?

While we have debated long enough on the importance of the Internet of Things technology and how effective it will be in making human life simpler, the truth is that this technology most certainly comes with its share of positive points as well. For instance, better traffic controlling system, smarter cities, automatic homes & cars and improvements in the healthcare as well as defense industry is what makes the Internet of Things a desirable technology.


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