The world around us has been going abuzz with debates about the next generation technology of Internet of Things. We have so far read about the benefits of this technology as well as how it will affect our lives in the coming years. What appears to be making our lives less complicated and hassle- free is actually a big challenge in disguise. You must be wondering about what possible challenges the Internet of Things technology can bring for us. Well, just imagine the scenario where you are unable to use your tooth brush because it has lost connection with the internet. Do I need to say anything more??

Is Internet of Things (IoT) really worth all the hype?

Over the last few months, we have all been hearing about the positives of the Internet of Things technology and how it will completely transform the way the world around us functions. This yet to be implemented technology promises to cut down our electricity bill by controlling the lighting in our homes as well as to inform us about the milk getting sour. Too crazy to believe, right!!

However, have you ever thought if the Internet of Things will also affect us negatively or if it will make tasks more chaotic that they currently are? May be not in all cases but yes, it certainly will make things a little tricky for individuals who have lesser experience dealing with the internet and electronic gadgets around us. So let us waste no more time and barge in to see if the much- awaited Internet of Things technology will turn into one of your worst nightmares or not!

Can IoT Turn into worst nightmares?
Internet of Things Nightmare (Infographic)

Will the Internet of Things (IoT) turn into one of your worst nightmares?

Let us take into consideration a scenario from the IoT inspired world where your internet router has stopped working and you have to replace the damaged router with a brand new one. Also take into consideration the fact that all your household devices and objects are connected with each other over a common network including your router as well. Speaking of a technologically- independent world we may think that the new router will automatically get connected to the common cloud network. Ah, only if IoT made life so much easier!!

In this case, you will manually have to connect your router with the existing network in your house and let us just not talk about any exceptional scenario where the router will deny becoming a part of the cloud network. So how will your router get reconnected? Well, you will have to try again and again until it gets connected finally! Seems like the Internet of Things technology is not that independent and convenient, right??

Not just this, imagine when you will buy a new smart television and it will refuse to get connected to the network on its own. In this case as well, you will have to barge in and use the settings section for making sure that there is nothing that is stopping your smart television to become a part of the cloud network. One of the major things to remember while dealing with an IoT inspired device as well as network is that you will have to make use of the same SSID as well as password for replacing any earlier device with a new one of the same model. Your device and the network itself are not so smart, after all, to mutually get connected on their own.

If you are already irked thinking about the chaos of connecting your entire household across a common network, imagine the case where all your home appliances including your TV, refrigerator, printer, microwave, dishwasher, etc. are connected over the same network onto which you have just now connected your new router device. Do you think that connecting the new router was all that you needed to do? No my friend! You will also have to reconnect all the above mentioned devices back onto the new network in order to make your home IoT inspired all over again. PHEW!! Internet of Things technology will not make our lives too convenient after all.

Is There Any Solution For IoT?

One of the very first solutions you may come across is not to connect any of your devices over a common network. However, what is the guarantee that these devices will work without it? Or what if the company denies providing you with the warranty if you decide to take all your devices off the network?

So how many hours do you think you will be spending on connecting all your appliances onto the network? Keeping aside the fact that Internet of Things technology will make our lives easier in some ways, there is no denying in the fact that it will affect the way work is done on everyday basis.

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